Get Cash For Van Under ULEZ Scheme

Get Cash For Van Under ULEZ Scheme

London's mayor, Sadiq Khan, wants to fight air pollution. To do this, he aims to improve the air quality in the city. One way he plans to achieve this goal is by introducing a scrappage scheme. The scheme is only for vans. It should help commercial drivers buy cleaner vehicles.

Small businesses in London (with 10 or fewer employees), registered charities, and independent traders can apply for the scheme. If you meet the requirements, you are eligible.

Don't allow vans or minibuses to be scrapped if they don't meet the ULEZ emissions standards.

You have to own the vehicles for at least a year and register them under your business name, sole trader or charity. Ensure that you have insurance for business purposes and that your tax and MoT certification is valid.

Vehicles that don't follow the rules are Euro 5 diesel or older, or Euro 3 petrol or older.

Van owners have three choices for the ULEZ scrappage scheme. These choices provide different amounts of money incentives.

If you scrap your outdated van or minibus, you can get £5,000 towards buying a new one.

. - Owners can retrofit their non-compliant van. - This helps it meet ULEZ standards. - Retrofitting comes with a £5,000 financial incentive. - It helps with the costs.

Van owners can swap their non-compliant van with an electric van. It will give them £7,500 as an incentive to buy a zero-emission vehicle.

The scheme gives money to people who get rid of their old vans or make them cleaner. It wants people to choose vans that are better for the environment. When more people have electric or ULEZ-compliant vans, the city will be cleaner and healthier.

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