Suki Waterhouse and Robert Pattinson expecting first child

Suki Waterhouse

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The famous vocalist Suki Waterhouse and the renowned performer Robert Pattinson are anticipating the arrival of their initial offspring.

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Suki made a major announcement while performing on stage, indicating her growing belly as excited supporters cheered loudly.

"I feel particularly lively today because I hoped it would divert your attention from another matter," she playfully remarked while starting a tune at the Corona Capital Festival in Mexico this past Sunday.

She playfully remarked while attired in a sparkling gown, "I'm uncertain if it's operating."

The announcement caused a lot of excitement among followers of Robert, who had gained popularity by portraying the role of Edward Cullen, the vampire, in the Twilight movie series. This news rapidly spread on various social media platforms.

One person on the platform X (previously known as Twitter) expressed their surprise that Robert Pattinson is expecting a child, but clarified that they are not the biological mother of the baby.

Another person shared on the blog that they were in disbelief that Robert Pattinson was about to become a parent.

In 2018, Suki, who is an actress and model, crossed paths with The Batman actor who is 37 years old.

In the previous month, the lady conveyed on the Driven Minds podcast (specifically, the Type 7 episode) that she had relocated from her apartment to cohabit with a person named Robert.

I'm really fortunate as he doesn't mind the untidiness and disorderliness. He never complains about it. Instead, he finds it charming which makes me feel very lucky.

Discussing how her relationship dynamic is unlike her past relationships, she expressed, "I have built a fulfilling life that I am proud of and I desire to share it with someone. Additionally, I am emotionally and mentally grounded."

The couple's representatives have been reached out to, but they have not given any further statements regarding the news.

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