How has the Met Gala come to this? Stars flash the flesh on red carpet

Rita Ora

Receiving an invitation to the Met Gala, which is led by Anna Wintour, the powerful editor-in-chief of US Vogue, is an incredibly posh occasion that surpasses even the Oscars in terms of fashion domination. The event has the esteemed New York art museum as its setting, and has adopted a theme that draws inspiration from literature.

This year's occasion had its roots in JG Ballard's novel, The Garden of Time. However, famous individuals appeared to have misconstrued the theme and arrived dressed for The Garden of Eden instead.

Rita Ora, who is known for wearing revealing outfits, set the trend for the almost non-existent ensembles. She wore a scanty body stocking with strategically placed fringes during the main event and then casually exposed her nipples at the after party, with only a floral decoration covering her private parts.

In the meantime, the rapper known as Doja Cat donned a white Vetements dress that looked as though it was soaking wet. When she arrived at the gala, her followers were surprised to see her looking like she had just stepped out of the shower, sporting a dress made of towels that was wrapped around both her body and head.

Afterwards, she swapped her outfit for the actual red carpet and donned a different white dress with a wet look. She decided to go braless and commando to display her stunning figure.

Continuing to wear Vetements, she took the daring naked style up a notch while attending The After By Richie Akiva. She decided to exchange her translucent dress with a co-ordinated set which was even more daring. This ensemble comprised a transparent top and stockings.

While a few famous people chose to flaunt their revealing outfits at the prestigious event, several Hollywood elites like Rihanna, Blake Lively, Taylor Swift, and Hailey Bieber surprisingly decided to skip the event this year. This decision came as a surprise for many fans who were eagerly anticipating their return to the Met Gala.

In the Met Gala events that happened recently, FKA twigs, Rita Ora, Doja Cat and Shakira caught people's attention by flaunting their almost bare outfits. These celebs didn't shy away from wearing something that left very little to the imagination, as they stepped out to attend the grand event.

Emily Ratajkowski, who gained notoriety for baring it all in the music video for Blurred Lines, also eschewed wearing a bra on the red carpet in the image to the left. In the image to the right, Iris Law stuck with her typical idiosyncratic style, but with a bold twist. The offspring of Sadie Frost and Jude Law seemed to be channeling a gothic bridal look with a partially transparent corset, fishnet stockings, a headcovering, and a very short skirt.

Sydney Sweeney wore a revealing brown dress with an open back at the party after an event. Emily Ratajkowski, a model, caught people's attention in a see-through outfit when she went to a gathering with her pals in New York after attending the Met Gala. Rita Ora was photographed at the after-party, revealing her nipples with only a floral decoration to conceal them.

Blake, who was formerly the head of the Gala, and Rihanna - who frequently showcases the most buzz-worthy outfit of the evening - have both recently become parents.

However, some celebrities such as Khloe Kardashian, Timothée Chalamet, Taylor Swift, and Billie Eilish were absent from the red carpet.

At the same time, Emily Ratajkowski, who became famous for taking off her clothes in the Blurred Lines music video, also decided not to wear a bra on the red carpet. This meant that her outfit for the after party, which was made up of a dress adorned with tassels that were semi-transparent and covered a glittery bikini, looked very modest when compared to her previous choice.

The bespoke Versace dress revealed a lot, as the American model showcased her uncovered backside in the garment.

In the meantime, Doja shared with Entertainment Tonight the undisclosed method utilized by her team to create her wet T-shirt look, which involves applying hair gel to her outfit.

Furthermore, she elaborated on how her clothing selection was influenced by the most frequently utilized blossom in the world, cotton. She also admitted to having a disliking for conforming to societal norms and, as a result, chose a classic T-shirt to stand out from the crowd.

On the red carpet, Sydney Sweeney revealed a new dark bob hairstyle that made her look unrecognizable. She typically wears revealing gowns for red carpet events but opted for a different look this time.

Doja Cat showcased three outfits that resembled the appearance of freshly stepping out of a shower while making her way to the A-list Met Gala event in New York City on Monday.

Her final outfit was a big, drenched T-shirt that highlighted her admirable physique.

Doja Cat was wearing a lengthy, white T-shirt which had gotten wet and was see-through, leading her to have to conceal her chest with her arm.

Doja Cat changed her appearance from her soaking wet T-shirt look (depicted on the left) to a nude crop top and leggings matching set (depicted on the right) when attending The After By Richie Akiva party in New York.

Rita Ora went for a unique appearance by wearing a see-through jumpsuit in a nude color, paired with a colorful dress featuring fringe that showcased a spectrum of rainbow shades. She also sported a hairstyle that had the appearance of being damp.

Rita displayed a lot of poise while flaunting her breathtaking figure and placing her hands on her lower back.

Dua Lipa caused a stir as she combined a see-through lace top with her dress's upper part. The latter was adorned with frilly elements on the neckline, resulting in a unique and captivating outfit.

Dua wore a see-through black dress with a radiant tail and a complex flower design. She also accessorized her overall appearance by wearing a black feather scarf, adding even more elegance to her outfit.

Emily Ratajkowski, a model known for her daring fashion choices, left nothing to the imagination as she ditched her bra on the red carpet.

Emily Ratajkowski sported a sheer nude lace dress that showcased her exposed breasts and behind. The attire was crafted by the reputed fashion brand, Versace.

Kelsea Ballerini appeared quite lovely donning a Michael Kors ensemble comprised of a gorgeous pink, red, and nude lace gown. The outfit tastefully showcased her midriff and legs.

When Willow Smith, who is 23 years old, left The Mark hotel, she impressed those who were watching her as she walked by, wearing a gold dress with thin straps that exposed her undergarments.

Simone Ashley appeared stunning in a dress with sections cut out and see-through panels.

FKA Twigs is renowned for breaking fashion conventions, yet she went a step further on Monday evening with her incredibly daring beaded outfit.

The female performer looked stunning at the event wearing a Miu Miu outfit. Her dress had one shoulder and was made of light blue tulle material. The dress had a full skirt that fell gracefully to the ground. At the after party, she wore a different dress that exposed her back.

In another location, FKA Twiggs wore a dress adorned with beads that was almost completely see-through. She had a white coat made by Georgia Pendlebury that was like a rope over her dress.

The British vocalist accessorized her appearance with precious stones all over her head and locks, while also adding extra height with oversized Giuseppe Zanotti platform shoes.

The children of famous people who were present at the event also went for bold and adventurous outfits. Willow Smith (who is 23 years old) decided to wear a black, well-defined blazer without any lower clothing as she made her way down the red carpet beside her brother. Later on, she changed into a more revealing outfit, consisting of gold chains over a black bikini, which barely covered her.

On the other hand, Iris Law, who has been rumored to be dating footballer Trent Alexander Arnold, went for her typical unique style, but with a bold twist. The child of Sadie Frost and Jude Law seemed to draw inspiration from a spooky bride for Halloween, as she sported a semi-transparent corset and stockings, along with a head covering and a very short skirt.

At an after-party, 28-year-old Dua Lipa flaunted her fit midsection in a small diamante crop top with complementary high-waisted pants. She completed the ensemble with a soft, furry shawl and fishnet gloves.

Doja came out of her room at The Mark Hotel in a see-through outfit, showcasing her impressive cleavage. She then made her way to a party nearby.

Displaying her stunning physique, Doja aroused excitement in a seductive see-through body-hugging outfit.

Rita Ora once again garnered attention with her revealing attire as she opted to go braless for a photoshoot in a sheer, feathered dress following her appearance at the 2024 Met Gala.

Shakira made an appearance at an afterparty for the Met Gala, wearing a white dress that featured stylish cutouts.

Emily Ratajkowski flaunted her backside in a skimpy bottom while confidently walking towards a post-celebration gathering in a pair of strappy black high heels.

In the New York venue for the party, the model named Emily was in her prime as she struck various poses for the camera.

Emily combined her transparent outfit with a handbag that had a starry theme and some stunning earrings.

Emily Ratajkowski displayed her amazing body in a short dress with blue tassels while exhibiting her sultry dancing skills.

Janelle Monae and Doja teamed up to party hard at a Met Gala after-party on Monday, with Doja sporting a bold outfit.

Becky Hearn and Raissa Gerona stood out in outfits that were nude in color.

Vittoria Ceretti, who is currently in a romantic relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio, flaunted her fit body in a short black dress as she attended a gathering alongside Iris Law and Joan Smalls.

Serena Williams wore a crocheted mini dress that displayed her undergarments.

At the Met Gala, Sydney Sweeney showed up with a brand new look - a dark bob hairstyle that made her almost unrecognizable. This is quite different from her usual style of wearing revealing gowns on the red carpet. Later at the after party, she changed into a crop top and a skirt that flaunted her figure.

Celebrities like Irina Shayk (shown on the left) and Camila Mendes (shown on the right) chose to wear daring outfits as they attended fancy post-party events on Monday.

Barely-dressed celebrities showed off a lot of skin while having a crazy evening at a gathering following the Met Gala event.

A few attendees wore hardly anything except for thin, transparent bodystockings to the parties.

In another place, Kim Kardashian caused a lot of surprise during the Met Gala event. She displayed her incredibly tiny waist in a silver unique Maison Margiela dress designed by John Galliano on Monday in New York City.

Kim, sporting her freshly colored light blonde hair styled in a relaxed mermaid braid, paired her silvery corset dress with an unusual casual gray shrug for her photo shoot at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This venue hosts the most luxurious fashion event of the year.

Kylie Jenner's sister chose to go for elegance and minimalism by sporting a rose-water toned strapless dress created by Oscar de la Renta, beautifully accentuated with a rose embellishment in her hair.

At the same time, Zendaya wore a unique outfit by John Galliano for Maison Margiela that caught people's attention. The dress featured branches and fruits in blue and green colors which made a bold statement.

In her captivating ensemble, Zendaya adorned herself with a Bulgari necklace and a breathtaking veiled hat. Her makeup was intense, featuring bold eye makeup, trimmed eyebrows, and dark lipstick. The 27-year-old star of "The Challengers" had a fake bird perched on one shoulder, and a magnificent feather graced her hat.

For the Met Gala, she chose a different outfit - a 1996 black Givenchy by John Galliano dress - and paired it with a 2007 Alexander McQueen floral headpiece.

Each year, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City hosts the spring exhibition of the Costume Institute on the first Monday in May.

Kim flaunted her slim waistline with a personalized Maison Margiela dress. She also wore a gray shawl and styled her platinum blonde hair in a cascading mermaid braid.

At the age of 43, Kim chose to wear a dress with a silver color. The dress was composed of a corset which was of a light grey color and had a body suit design. In addition, the bottom part of the dress was a long skirt that had a floral pattern and was made of a transparent material.

Kim stood alongside Lana for a photo on the crimson walkway.

of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. She looked stunning in her elegant attire at the event, which she's co-chairing this year. Her silver strapless gown featured a unique wing-style neckline, and she accessorized her outfit with a gorgeous diamond necklace. She confidently made her way towards the iconic stairs of the Metropolitan Museum of Art located in New York City.

My counterpart, Zendaya, voiced her thoughts while she wore a unique Maison Margiela outfit with blue and green tones, embellished with designs of branches and fruits. She accentuated her look with an eye-catching veiled hat and bold makeup such as dark lipstick and thin eyebrows.

Zendaya changed into a different outfit for the Met Gala. She wore a vintage black dress designed by John Galliano for Givenchy back in 1996. To top it off, she added a flowery hat that was created by Alexander McQueen in 2007.

Kendall Jenner donned a black form-fitting dress adorned with cut-out designs running across her waist. The dress was accentuated with golden touches and featured fringes dangling from the sculpted neckline.

She has donned an antique dress from Givenchy's 1999 inventory that was crafted by Alexander McQueen. This outfit is untouched since its production.

The dress worn by Kendall was somewhat transparent and had a strikingly uneven hole in the middle exposing her waist.

Dua Lipa impressed the crowd with her stunning gothic look, wearing a lace corset top and skirt in black and white designed by Marc Jacobs, which she matched with fishnet gloves. She flaunted her toned tummy by wearing the lace skirt with a low-cut design, adding a white corset with an overlay of black lace to complete the ensemble.

Sydney Sweeney, a celebrity famous for her stunning looks, wore short black hair with her Miu Miu gown in blue and black floral designs, along with a pair of black gloves.

The dress had flowers that had been delicately crafted to pop out of the fabric. The stems of the flowers were colored in black.

Gigi Hadid donned a magnificent Thom Browne outfit for her recent appearance. The alluring attire was a combination of black and white with a touch of yellow floral pattern, paired with ruffles for added charm. She styled her short hair into vintage Hollywood waves and topped it off with stunning red lipstick.

In her latest appearance, Kendall Jenner donned a sleek and form-fitting black dress complete with strategically placed cut-out features highlighting her waist. The gown also boasts gilded embellishments and a striking sculptural neckline adorned with elegant fringe. What makes this outfit all the more impressive is that Kendall is actually sporting a vintage piece from Givenchy's 1999 collection, originally crafted by the one and only Alexander McQueen.

The dress Kendall was wearing had a little transparency to it, and additionally, there was a strikingly-edgy cut-out around her midsection.

Dua Lipa impressed with her stunning outfit of a gothic-style corset top and skirt in black and white lace by designer Marc Jacobs. She expertly paired the ensemble with fishnet gloves, completing the bold look.

Sydney Sweeney is famous for her stunning looks, and she looked fantastic in her blue and black floral Miu Miu dress that she paired with black gloves. What's more, she swapped her usual blonde hair for a chic short black hairstyle that elevated her glamour quotient to a whole new level.

The dress was very fancy and had flowers that looked like they were popping out of the fabric. The flowers had black sticks for stems.

In the blog post, it was mentioned that Gigi Hadid donned a dress from Thom Browne. The gown in question had an elegant black and white base, accented with vivid, yellow floral patterns.

Gigi wore a dress that had flowers and branches popping out in a 3D effect and a corset on the upper part.

Gigi sported her cropped yellow hair styled in a classic Hollywood wave, nailing a bold red lipstick shade and a rosy pink blush applied liberally on her cheeks.

Emily Ratajkowski donned a nude lace dress that was transparent, revealing her exposed breasts and backside. The designer of her outfit was Versace.

In fancy attire, Doja Cat donned a white wet Vetements dress that left little to the imagination as she opted to go without a bra or underwear, allowing her toned figure to shine through. To add a touch of glamour to her appearance, the rapper adorned her eyes with glistening tear drops made of glitter.

Ariana Grande appeared heavenly in a white, shimmering corset dress that had a pleated skirt with blue and pink accents. To top it all off, she had bird-shaped cut-outs by her eyes which matched perfectly. This unique ensemble was made specifically for her by Jonathan Anderson from the Loewe brand.

Jodie Turner-Smith, Hari Nef, Janelle Monae, and Michelle Yeoh looked amazing in their white and silver outfits.

Camila Cabello donned a beautiful silver and gold ombre dress with a daring deep cut, accessorized with a block of ice containing a rose. Cara Delevingne, Demi Lovato, and Amanda Seyfried opted for stunning dresses featuring silver accents.

In her beige and brown dress with tree branch designs, Lana del Rey resembled a woodland spirit while clutching onto a solitary rose.

The beautiful lady is donning a unique creation from the house of Alexander McQueen, specially created by Seán McGirr. The dress is inspired by a vintage Alexander McQueen gown from the fall 2006 collection.

In the Met Gala event, Elle Fanning donned a Balmain dress that seemed to be crafted from glass. The outfit, which had a sculptural design, seems to be a nod to the crystal flower vase described in J.G. Ballard's 1962 short story titled The Garden of Time, which happens to be the event's theme. It's interesting to note that Elle previously portrayed Sleeping Beauty in the Maleficent movie series.

Ariana Grande appeared heavenly in a white shimmering corset dress that had a flowy pleated skirt with hints of blue and pink. She complements her look with bird-shaped cut-outs beside her eyes. The dress is personalized by Jonathan Anderson, Loewe's designer.

. The dress featured a flowing material that draped elegantly around her slim waist, while she styled her strawberry blonde hair into a sleek, lengthy ponytail.

instead of the traditional bridal look. The actress stunned everyone with this bold yet elegant fashion statement at the Emmy Awards. She paired the gown with minimalistic jewelry and makeup, allowing the dress to remain the focal point of the ensemble. It was certainly a memorable moment on the red carpet, showcasing Williams' unique sense of fashion and confidence.

Kaia Gerber chose to go for a mermaid-like vibe with her strapless pleated gown in a beautiful pearly white shade. She topped it off with full and voluminous locks for a stunning effect.

Jodie Turner-Smith, Hari Nef, Janelle Monae donned white and silver ensembles designed by Vera Wang with Pleaser heels, and Michelle Yeoh looked stunning in a similar color scheme. Together, they captured everyone's attention with their amazing outfits.

. What's coming up this year is called Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion, and the style etiquette is The Garden of Time.

Cara Delevingne, Demi Lovato, and Amanda Seyfried decided to wear eye-catching dresses that featured silver details.

Lana del Rey resembled a mystical creature from a garden in her beautiful dress that had shades of nude and brown. She held onto a solitary rose, completing her enchanting look. The dress, crafted exclusively by Seán McGirr for Alexander McQueen, was based on a vintage Alexander McQueen design from 2006.

Mindy Kaling appeared stunning in a gown created by Gaurav Gupta; the cream-colored gown was accompanied by a detachable cape.

Mindy's dress had a fascinating design at the back, characterized by gracefully draped fabric and sparkling details.

on the bodice, paired with a high-waisted skirt. Taylor Russell wore a wooden-looking armor corset that featured beautiful floral details and paired it with a breezy white skirt. Meanwhile, Aurora James donned a stunning brown and white gown that had a corset-like bodice with a wooden appearance and matched it with a high-waisted skirt.

Karol G, Sarah Jessica Parker sporting a Philip Tracy hat, Greta Lee, and Elle Fanning donned outfits in cream or white colours and included sheer elements in their attires.

Elle wore a gown that resembled a dress made of glass or a sculpture made of glass. The dress came from the famous Balmain fashion house. It's worth noting that Elle played the role of Sleeping Beauty in the movie Maleficent.

Pamela Anderson and Chloe Sevigny both wore dresses in a skin-like color. Chloe's had decorations on the lower part, with bows, and also had a flowery design embroidered onto it.

Dove Cameron looked stunning in her red floral dress with sheer mesh fabric from Diesel. Her outfit included a pair of long, dramatic sleeves to complete the look. As a final touch, she wore a gorgeous red lip color.

At the Met Gala event, Kelsea Ballerini appeared stunning while sporting a lacy gown in shades of pink, red, and neutral colors. She managed to flaunt her legs and belly in the outfit, which belonged to none other than designer Michael Kors. Accompanying her at the gala was her partner, Chase Stokes. This was the couple's debut appearance at the Met Gala.

Black and white strapless dress stunned everyone when Nicole Kidman arrived wearing it at a recent event. She paired the dress with gloves and a diamond bracelet, and the outfit was designed by Balenciaga. The gown is a modern version of a dress designed by Cristobal Balenciaga for the brand's spring 1951 collection.

Lily James, who acted in the movie Cinderella, looked absolutely stunning in a beautiful gown with a floral pattern in light pink and black designed by Erdem. Lily gracefully walked on the red carpet accompanied by the talented fashion designer Erdem Moralioglu. The train of Lily's dress was incredibly long, measuring around 13 feet in length.

Dove Cameron looked stunning in her Diesel red floral dress with a sheer overlay. The sleeves were long and eye-catching, adding a dramatic flair to her outfit. She finished off her look with a bold red lip, completing her overall chic and elegant appearance.

Kelsea took a picture with her beau, Chase Stokes, who was dressed in a black sequin blazer and pants without a shirt.

of them. This romantic moment was captured by many paparazzi with their cameras flashing and fans clapping in excitement. It was a special moment for the couple as it marked the beginning of their journey together at such a prestigious event. They were both thrilled to be attending the Met Gala for the first time and couldn't have chosen a better way to commemorate the occasion than with a kiss. It was a beautiful moment that will be remembered for a long time to come.

Emma Chamberlain, a prominent personality on social media, donned a brown see-through outfit that featured a striking train and sleeves that resembled tree branches. To supplement her attire, she chose to put on a diamond choker and smudged brown eye makeup.

Nicole Kidman looked fabulous in a strapless black and white dress with gloves and a diamond bracelet. She wore a dress made by Balenciaga that is based on a design by Cristobal Balenciaga for the label's spring 1951 collection.

Camila Morrone and Gracie Abrams matched their outfits in timeless black and white attire.

Actress Storm Reid was seen sporting an ensemble that consisted of a black corset top and a mint green skirt. To add an edgy look to her outfit, she paired it with a leather jacket. It is worth noting that she was dressed head-to-toe in Coach.

Lily James looked stunning in a beautiful floral-patterned dress designed by Erdem, featuring a lovely combination of black and pale pink colors.

Lily stood on the red carpet alongside the renowned fashion designer, Erdem Moralioglu.

Lily's dress had a train measuring 13 feet, and it featured a floral pattern in black and white colors.

Phoebe Dynevor appeared angelic in a delicate, light pink sheer dress. The dress revealed a floral bodysuit underneath and floral details adorned the hemline of the skirt.

Phoebe, who gained widespread recognition through her role in Bridgerton, appeared gorgeous in the light, transparent material matched with a pink lip and a natural blush, under a sparkling, white eye shadow.

Cynthia Erivo looked stunning in a remarkable dress made up of a black coat and a long skirt. The skirt had pink rose petals and various artificial insects like butterflies attached to it. She was wearing designer Thom Browne's outfit.

Ashley Graham looked stunning in a black sparkly dress that showed off her cleavage, and had lovely flowers decorating her midsection.

On Ashley's dress, there was a line of flowers that twisted around her waist both in the front and back, made of pale pink petals. The rest of the gown was made of black sequins that shimmered, complete with a corset that tied around her neck and arms embellished with sleeves.

The girl who is on the cover of the magazine choose to have short fringe on the front and the remaining of her dark brown hair was gathered to the back.

Cardi B stood out in her black frothy dress that featured a long trailing fabric.

Sabrina Carpenter donned a sophisticated Oscar de la Renta outfit in black, blue, and white shades, pairing it gorgeously with her flowing golden tresses styled in gentle waves. Her beau, Barry Keoghan, accompanied her to the event.

La La Anthony donned a captivating ensemble that featured a mermaid-style gown in a striking black and red colorway. The lower half of the dress boasted a beautiful rose design, with delicate lace accents complementing her torso and arms. To complete the look, she clutched onto a single, exquisite white pearl rose.

Gwendoline Christie opted for a striking outfit in shades of red and black. The ensemble included a black, see-through lace head covering and a vibrant red velvet dress. She complemented the look with a bold hairstyle.

Chris Hemsworth, one of the co-chairs for the Met Gala 2021, was an early bird and came with his wife Elsa Pataky. Chris opted for a cream suit by Tom Ford while Elsa looked eye-catching in a gold outfit.

Matt Damon and his spouse Luciana looked impressive in their Dior outfits. Matt went for a timeless black and white suit while Luciana wore an elegant white dress, much like one worn by a bride.

Cynthia Erivo looked stunning in an eye-catching outfit comprising of a stylish black jacket and an elegant maxi skirt adorned with pink rose petals. To complete her look, the outfit included beautiful butterflies and other artificial insects. The outfit was designed by the renowned Thom Browne.

Cynthia was donning a hair accessory consisting of a butterfly jewel at the nape of her neck, and several diamond earrings adorned her ears.

Cynthia and Ariana stood side by side for the cameras on the crimson walkway. Both actresses have leading roles in the much-anticipated movie, Wicked.

In the blog section, it was reported that Allison Williams appeared in a strapless gown with black and white colors. Her outfit had a deep neckline that added glamour to her look. On the other hand, Queen Latifah opted for a unique black dress embellished with yellow and orange flowers.

Ashley Graham looked stunning in a black sequined dress that showed off her curves. The gown had pretty floral details around her waist, featuring a vine motif with delicate pink blooms. The dress also had a corset-style halter neck and sleeve accents, all made with shimmery black sequins.

Meg Ryan appeared stunning in her Michael Kors dress that was black in color. The dress had transparent components and shiny embellishments.

Cardi B stood out in her elegant black dress made of tulle fabric. The dress had an enormous train that caught everyone's eye.

Cardi's dress had a dramatic train made up of multiple layers of tulle material.

Penelope Cruz looked absolutely amazing in a black lace dress with sleeves that elegantly draped off her shoulders.

The celebrity styled her locks in elegant, vintage Hollywood curls.

. During her appearance, Rebecca Ferguson donned a stylish black cape, only to later take it off and showcase a chic black and white turtleneck dress with matching gloves. Keeping her makeup minimal, she flaunted a train that emerged once the skirt was opened.

Sabrina Carpenter donned a dress by Oscar de la Renta in black, blue, and white shades. She paired it with her long blonde hair styled into soft and ethereal waves.

In the picture, Sabrina was seen standing next to her partner, who happens to be a renowned actor from Ireland, named Barry Keoghan.

The partners had a tender moment while posing for photographs on the crimson runway.

Brie Laron wore a sleeveless dress that featured a silver mesh skirt with a well-defined structure. The skirt was layered over an orange and silver dress.

The co-chairs for this year were Jennifer Lopez, Zendaya, Bad Bunny, and Chris Hemsworth. Anna Wintour from Vogue was also a member of the committee.

Jonathan Anderson, the creative director of Loewe, along with Shou Zi Chew, the CEO of TikTok, were the esteemed chairs for the night's festivities.

According to Vogue, the co-chairs for this year have different accomplishments in their careers and each has their own unique experience with the Met Gala.

The exhibit showcased around 250 artifacts taken from The Costume Institute's permanent collection - including numerous items that are too breakable to be utilized again.

The artworks will be showcased using technologies like artificial intelligence, graphical computer interface, and others, highlighting topics related to earth, ocean, and air.

Riley Keough donned a stunning Chanel dress, while Alexandra Daddario, Keke Palmer, and Elizabeth Debicki opted for eye-catching gowns.

Awkwafina wore a beautiful light yellow and white dress and a matching clutch bag.

Nicki Minaj donned a charming mini outfit with multicolored 3D floral arrangements scattered all over the bright yellow fabric.

Erykah Badu donned an eye-catching dress embellished with an intricate design. The ensemble featured bold splashes of red and pink, adding a pop of vibrant color to her overall look.

Jessica Biel opted to wear an elegant gown adorned with pink floral patterns. The dress featured a plunging neckline and was paired with laid-back, bohemian-inspired hair.

Expectant mother Adwoa Aboah sported a red cropped top and a full skirt alongside complementary red high-heeled footwear.

The upper part of the dress was adorned with sequins along the bottom portion.

Shakira looked stunning wearing a daring red dress paired with stylish footwear that perfectly matched her outfit. The photo captures her standing alongside Wes Gordon, who appears to be in awe of her gorgeous appearance.

. In the blog section, it talked about the fashion choices of three celebrities in an event. La La Anthony wore a unique mermaid-style dress with black and red colors. The dress had lace details on her torso and arms, and a rose design at the bottom half. She also had a white pearly rose in her hands. Another celebrity, Gwendoline Christie, wore a red and black gown that had a sheer lace cap and a velvet red frock. She completed her look with a dramatic hairstyle. Teyana Taylor, on the other hand, chose to wear a corset red gown with floral accents to the event.

. Eiza Gonzalez and Karlie Kloss looked absolutely amazing in their light pink gowns. Karlie's dress had some darker pink flower petals as a pretty detail.

Upon viewing the accompanying image, we can perceive the appearance of James Corden and Julia Carey positioned to the left, while Matthew Macfadyen and Keeley Hawes occupy the right side of the photograph.

. Naomi Campell opted for a dress in light blue color, adorned with hanging tassels, and accessorized with various bracelets and earrings featuring diamonds.

Lea Michele, who is currently expecting her second child, wore a beautiful blue dress made from a luxurious material and embellished with delicate floral designs. The dress also featured a show-stopping train in a vibrant shade of sky blue.

Amanda Gorman wore a light blue dress that exposed her shoulders.

During the recent event, Rachel Zegler donned a stunning Michael Kors dress with a low-cut front that came in a light shade of blue.

The attire of Kerry Washington was formed from purple velvet and was adorned with three-dimensional floral embellishments that perfectly matched the color.

For her outfit, Uma Thurman went with a pale blue-purple dress that had a lot of volume in the skirt and sleeves that popped out.

Quannah Chasinghorse had on a blue dress with a big skirt.

Besides, Vogue's Anna Wintour is part of the committee.

This year's Met Gala has Chris Hemsworth as one of the co-chairs, and he arrived with his wife Elsa Pataky. They came early, and Chris looked handsome in a cream suit while Elsa shone in a stunning golden outfit. It's worth noting that Chris chose to wear a Tom Ford suit.

Matt Damon and his wife Luciana looked amazing in their Dior outfits. Matt went for a timeless black and white suit, while Luciana opted for an elegant white dress.

Brooklyn Beckham (on the left) and Jonathan Bailey both appeared attractive in their formal attire.

Sam Smith sported an eye-catching attire in black, while Christian Cowan chose to go for a sharp and immaculate ensemble in white.

Hugh Jackman looked very attractive wearing a traditional suit and bow tie.

to complete the look. His fashion sense is always unique and he often adds a touch of flair to his outfits. Jeff Goldblum wore a long coat and a scarf that resembled a tie. He also added diamond pins to finish off his outfit. His style is always one-of-a-kind and he frequently adds a bit of pizzazz to the clothes he wears.

Andrew Bolton, the Wendy Yu Curator in Charge of The Costume Institute, stated that the upcoming exhibition is a tribute to nature and the sentimental artistry of fashion. He hopes that the exhibition will stimulate people's senses and deepen their appreciation of fashion.

People who are likely to show up as visitors are the Kardashians, Blake Lively, Hailey Bieber, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Timothee Chalamet.

Gwendoline Christie, La La Anthony, and Ashley Graham acted as hosts while YouTube personality Emma Chamberlain interviewed celebrities on the red carpet. The previous year's event was dedicated to the memory of esteemed designer Karl Lagerfeld.

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