British It girl Suki Waterhouse gives the fans exactly what they want with onstage pregnancy announcement

Suki Waterhouse

Suki Waterhouse and Robert Pattinson are expecting a baby in the near future.

Suki Waterhouse made an effortless remark while performing onstage in Mexico City, announcing that she is expecting a child with her partner, Robert Pattinson. Her casual confirmation received a warm reception from the audience, who have long speculated about her pregnancy. The actress, aged 31, added a touch of humor to her announcement by wearing a sparkly dress and gesturing towards her baby bump.

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The attendees of Corona Capital festival got an unexpected treat as they not only enjoyed music but also some juicy gossip. The audience clapped and celebrated, enjoying the lively and exciting moment. Waterhouse then expressed some uncertainty by saying, "I'm not certain if it's effective."

It has been reported that Waterhouse and Pattinson have been romantically linked since 2018. Pattinson is currently 37 years old. Waterhouse was seen looking happy and energetic at an event in a tight lilac dress with a gold hem and knee-high gold boots. She also wore a beautiful fur coat that blew in the wind and had a nostalgic and glamorous feel to it.

took a spectacular photo of Suki Waterhouse's performance at the 2023 Austin City Limits Music Festival held at Zilker Park in Austin, Texas. The performer looked fabulous on stage, sizzling with energy and giving everyone a great show. Erika Goldring caught the perfect moment with her camera and captured all aspects of the show, making the photo a fantastic depiction of the performance. Suki Waterhouse was rocking the stage, and this photo showed it.

There has been a lot of talk about whether the couple is expecting a baby since the beginning of November. People started to speculate when they were seen on a hike, and since then, more sightings of the couple have led to even more rumors that the woman is pregnant. The rumors are now growing stronger, and it seems like there is a good chance that the couple will soon be welcoming a new addition to their family.

Waterhouse and Pattinson have been trying to keep their romantic affiliation low-key. However, Suki disclosed in an interview with The Sunday Times earlier this year that they prioritize spending time together and avoid being apart for extended periods. "I had a couple of days off recently, and there was no doubt that I was going back to see him. Then he came out for a brief period," she stated. That implies they must have had to acquire loads of boarding passes for their traveling arrangements.

Suki Waterhouse and Robert Pattinson were spotted at the Met Gala in 2023, where the theme was 'Karl Lagerfeld: A Line Of Beauty'. The event took place at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 1st, 2023.

Suki recently shared her delight about being in a happy long-term relationship for almost five years. She expressed her surprise at the fact that she and her partner have been together for this long and couldn't hide her excitement when talking about the little things that still bring her joy, like seeing her partner's name pop up on her phone, their shared sense of humor and their lively conversations. In other news, it was revealed that Suki is pregnant, and she has also opted out of the 2024 Laneway Festival due to personal reasons. The festival management recently announced that the songstress behind the hit track "Good Looking" would no longer be performing at the event in February.

Pattinson, who resides currently in LA, was seen walking by himself in a calm manner recently. Overall, there is a growing hype around what we can all acknowledge will be a child who possesses appealing genes.

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