A star-studded Western is among the movies on TV tonight

Magnificent Seven

"Training Day Director And True Detective Creator Combine"

One of the most surprising films of 2023 has recently been included in Prime Video. However, if you require additional recommendations, we have selected a movie for you to watch tonight.

At 10:15pm tonight on ITV1, catch "The Magnificent Seven." This movie is a newer version of a classic Western from 1960, also called "The Magnificent Seven." The original was actually based on a Japanese movie called "Seven Samurai" by Akira Kurosawa. In this version, you'll see seven different gunmen with diverse backgrounds, played by actors like Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, and Ethan Hawke. They are brought together by a young widow seeking revenge, played by Haley Bennett.

The purpose of this is to safeguard her town against the private military force of a harmful industrialist, played by Peter Sarsgaard.

The Magnificent Seven film, which was released in 2016, was created by Antoine Fuqua, known for directing Training Day and The Equalizer trilogy. Nic Pizzolatto, the individual behind True Detective, collaborated with Fuqua on the screenplay. The movie was received positively by critics.

Many people agreed that the movie didn't quite match up to its previous counterparts in terms of greatness, but it still manages to hold its own as an enjoyable Western film.

The movie The Magnificent Seven from 2016 is now accessible for renting on Apple TV+ and the Sky Store.

Take a look at its preview here:

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