There’s No Need To Wait To Play ‘Hades 2’ Early Access Ahead Of 1.0 Release

Hades 2

The Early Access release of Hades 2 follows the same approach as its predecessor, but the circumstances have changed due to the exceptional reputation of the original game.

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The game can now be acquired on Steam for $30. However, there are some Hades enthusiasts who feel uneasy about playing this "incomplete" version and believe they may prefer to hold off until the unspecified 1.0 release. Initially, I was considering the same, but after obtaining more information, my opinion changed. There are a couple of reasons for this:

For me, these reasons are really persuading to just go ahead and play Hades 2 right away, even if it's not yet in its finished version. We're uncertain about how much time it will take to reach 1.0 and considering progress is transferred over, there's no real excuse to hold out for the final release.

The first installment of Hades lasted for two years before it was available to everyone. This time, it may not take as long due to the knowledge gained from the first game. However, you may still have to wait a while before you can play, while others have already invested many hours. Furthermore, avoiding spoilers during this time may prove to be quite challenging.

As soon as I finish work today, I plan on playing Hades 2. However, I strongly advise against waiting any longer if you've been eagerly anticipating its release. It's better to dive into the game now than to subject yourself to an unknown and potentially lengthy waiting period.

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