Suki Waterhouse Expecting First Child

Suki Waterhouse

During her performance at the Corona Capital Festival in Mexico, the artist who acts and sings informed the audience of her latest news.

Suki Waterhouse delighted her supporters by making a major announcement at the Corona Capital Festival in Mexico on Sunday. She gave a sly smile and gestured towards her stomach, revealing a baby bump hidden beneath her coat. "I'm wearing a lot of glitz today because I wanted to take your attention away from something else," she remarked.

"I'm not certain if it's effective," she mentioned, whilst the audience celebrated.

Waterhouse is expecting her first baby. She is an actress and singer, known for her role in Daisy Jones and the Six. Waterhouse has been Robert Pattinson's partner for over five years. They came into the public eye as a couple in December 2022 at the Dior's Men's Fall show in Giza, Egypt. Later in May, they attended the 2023 Met Gala.

Waterhouse, who is easily noticeable with her pregnancy, performed a 30-minute musical collection in Mexico City on Sunday evening. The playlist comprised “Moves,” “The Devil I Know,” and the audience's favorite, “Coolest Place in the World.”

Waterhouse recently performed at Austin City Limits, and during her set, she performed a cover of Taylor Swift's song "Lover" before seamlessly transitioning into Mazzy Star's "Fade Into You." This performance took place only a month ago.

Swift recently spoke about her friend Waterhouse, describing her as someone who seems to have traveled through time. Suki's music carries a raw and intensely romantic quality that reflects the way she experiences the world around her. Swift admires her friend's ability to be both spontaneous and free-spirited while also displaying a deep level of wisdom. After spending time with Suki, Swift often finds herself pondering how one person can embody so many unique qualities at once.

According to Swift, this lady is the most adventurous person she knows and at the same time reliable in keeping confidential information. The lady has a relaxing attitude towards life. Whenever you are anxious about an insignificant matter, she will simply smoke her cigarette and assure you that all is well. In fact, she will be correct in her assessment.

Earlier this year, Waterhouse had a conversation with Rolling Stone about how her music has changed over time. She used to be a model and an actress, but now she's a musician full-time. She's always been interested in being a musician, even before she started telling people that she was writing songs. When she was making her album, she had a particular sound in mind. She thought about it like a movie soundtrack. She imagined what Thelma and Louise would listen to if they were driving off a cliff. The sound of her music came to her after thinking about where people would listen to it. Her songs are always about externalizing and memorializing times in her life that she can't go back to.

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