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Floella Benjamin

What Were You Missing?

Floella Benjamin has shared that she needs to factor in an additional thirty minutes each time she goes shopping to account for encountering fans who recognize her and desire to reminisce about her work.

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Baroness Benjamin is a familiar figure to many thanks to her role as a presenter on beloved kids TV programs such as Play School and Play Away. During a recent appearance on The One Show, the 74-year-old TV personality revealed that she is regularly recognized by fans while out and about, who are eager to share their memories of watching her on TV while growing up.

Baroness Benjamin is a multi-talented individual who has participated in numerous roles throughout her career. She has worked as a writer, vocalist, performer, and patron for various charities dedicated to supporting children. She has also taken part in political education committees and chaired the Windrush Commemoration Committee. Additionally, she was one of the members of the procession at King Charles III's coronation. Nonetheless, for many people, she will forever be recognized as the host of BBC's Play School, where she asked the well-known question "Get ready. To play. What's the day?" to young viewers.

What, How, Why? Demystified

Fans of Baroness Floella Benjamin frequently recognize her from her appearances on children's television shows and often approach her for autographs or photos.

Baroness Benjamin appeared as a guest on The One Show where she discussed her selection for a Bafta Fellowship with hosts Alex Jones and Jermaine Jenas. Also present was Patrick Grant, a designer and judge on The Great British Sewing Bee.

When the guests were presented, Grant expressed his admiration saying: "Play School was a significant part of my early years. I remember looking forward to discovering which window we were going to pass through and the adventures that Humpty, Little Ted, Big Ted, and their friends would have. It held a special place in my heart throughout my childhood."

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Grant expressed his enthusiasm while Baroness Benjamin lovingly patted his shoulder. She disclosed that people frequently approach her in public to share their fond childhood recollections.

According to her, shopping takes her longer because she attracts people who want to approach her and share their fond memories. They express their love and admiration for her, which she finds very heartwarming. The amount of love she receives is overwhelming and truly amazing.

Back in 1983, there was a woman named Floella Benjamin who appeared on a show called Play Away. This was captured in an image by Getty Images.

On Sunday 12 May, Baroness Benjamin will be honored with the Bafta Fellowship during the Bafta TV awards ceremony. She holds the position of vice-president at Barnardo's, which is a children's charity, and has been putting in efforts to ensure that public service broadcasting includes programmes for children. She brought changes to the regulations for airing childcare-related shows on live television and also persuaded the government to offer tax breaks, which made it easier to produce more programmes for children. Additionally, Baroness Benjamin has been a strong advocate for diversity on screen.

She expressed that it's important for everyone to comprehend that childhood is a significant phase in life and every action we take can have an impact on children, whether it's direct or indirect. Therefore, we must conduct ourselves appropriately. She consistently emphasizes the importance of being a kind and compassionate person, exhibiting empathy, understanding, and unconditional love. That's all she strives for. It's incumbent upon everyone to consider the welfare of our children, for they are the future.

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Any Other Events On The One Show?

Baroness Floella Benjamin was seen holding The Sovereign's Sceptre during Charles III's coronation ceremony. (Getty Images)

Grant was very pleased to see Baroness Benjamin on the sofa and viewers felt the same way.

Someone posted on X social media platform that Floella Benjamin has a special energy that exudes positivity. Whenever she's on TV, it's impossible not to feel uplifted. They also mentioned being a fan of Play School. Another comment praised Floella as an inspiration both in the 70s and now, and thanked her for contributing to quality children's programming that will endure. The comments were made in reference to a segment featuring Floella on #TheOneShow.

A person watching the show expressed their admiration for Floella Benjamin, saying that they wanted to see more of her because she radiates beauty and charm. Another viewer commented that Floella is one of those special people who capture your attention and make you pause what you're doing just to listen to them. And yet another fan compared Floella to a fine wine, calling her a legend on the show.

The One Show is broadcasted on BBC One every weekday at 7pm.

Discover Floella Benjamin

Floella Benjamin reflects on her 50 years on television, according to a brief article from Good Housekeeping.

The famous children's television personality Floella Benjamin has been awarded the prestigious BAFTA Fellowship, as reported by BANG Showbiz (2 minute read).

Floella Benjamin, the popular British actress, has recently been awarded the prestigious Bafta Fellowship. Benjamin made a name for herself as a presenter on the BBC's Play School show in the 1970s and continued her career in acting and presenting. In a recent interview with BBC News, Benjamin reminisced about her time on Play School, particularly her fond memories of the children on the show who she called her "babies." She also shared her joy at being herself and embracing her identity as a Black woman in the entertainment industry. Benjamin's Bafta Fellowship is a well-deserved recognition of her contributions to British television and her influence as a role model for women and people of color.

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