‘It Was Insane’: Billie Eilish Opens Up About Being ‘Ghosted’ By A ‘Little Pathetic Man’

Billie Eilish

Even famous people like Billie Eilish have experienced the highs and lows of romantic relationships.

During an appearance on the most recent installment of the BBC Sounds podcast titled "Miss Me?", which is hosted by singer Lily Allen and presenter Miquita Oliver, the pop star discussed an experience where a man she had been acquainted with for a long time abruptly stopped communicating with her. This phenomenon is commonly referred to as being "ghosted."

Ghosting refers to the sudden cessation of communication with a friend or significant other, without giving any prior warning or explanation.

Billie shared that she experienced a wild occurrence of being ghosted this past December. She described it as completely insane, and possibly the most extreme ghosting situation she has ever encountered.

The singer of Ocean Eyes then made a playful remark about how the unexpected cut in communication made her question if the man had died.

Billie laughed as she recounted her disbelief at the situation, saying, "I was thinking, 'Are you dead? Did you actually pass away?'" The person in question was a long-time acquaintance of hers with whom she had made plans to meet up. They had even exchanged phone numbers, with the individual sharing their address and requesting that Billie arrive at 3pm sharp. However, after that call, Billie never received any more messages or inquiries from that person again, leaving her in shock at their sudden disappearance.

The musician didn't say who the person was, but she mentioned that she has not received any news from him.

I reacted by saying, "What an incredibly unimpressive and weak fellow. He is such a minuscule man," and I couldn't believe it was happening. He has never made an attempt to contact me since then.

During the conversation with the hosts, Billie expressed her surprise by stating that she had no idea that there were still individuals who engaged in the practice of "ghosting."

The famous artist who has won the Grammy award nine times recently spoke about her breakup with Jesse Rutherford, lead vocalist of The Neighbourhood. This happened around a year ago in May 2023.

Despite keeping her love life mostly private, Billie has been rumored to have dated rapper Brandon "Q" Adams and actor Matthew Tyler Vorce in the past.

In December, the artist openly spoke about her coming out experience in her interview for the Variety Power of Women cover story.

During the Hitmakers event, she mentioned to Variety that she was surprised that people were unaware of her inclination towards women. She also expressed her belief that it should not be a big deal and that it is perfectly normal to coexist with different sexual preferences without having to make a fuss about it. She added that she had been aware of her attraction for a long time but had not spoken about it before.

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