Billie Eilish reveals she was ghosted by a ‘little pathetic man’

Billie Eilish

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The popular singer Billie Eilish has explained that she was ignored by a man whom she had been acquainted with for a long time.

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The 22-year-old singer and songwriter hasn't revealed any public relationships since announcing her break-up from indie musician Jesse Rutherford, who is 32 years old, back in May 2023. During a recent interview, Eilish expressed her strong dislike for dating.

Ghosting is an act of abruptly breaking off communication with a friend or love interest without any prior notice. Eilish was surprised to learn that this was a common practice, and it happened to her as well. She found it to be a harsh and unforgiving action.

Eilish recently appeared on Lily Allen and Miquita Oliver’s podcast, Miss Me?, for a special episode on ghosts. During the show, she discussed a surprising romantic experience prompted by listener questions.

She stated that she was definitely ghosted during an incident in December, which she found to be truly unbelievable.

"He never texted me again, even till now. I was wondering if something happened to him, like did he pass away or something?" she went on to say.

"I had known this person for a long time and we had agreed over the phone to meet at my place at 3 pm. However, I never heard back from him and was completely shocked by his sudden disappearance."

The artist who created the song "Lunch" said that she discovered that the man was already in a relationship with another person. When she found out, she felt surprised and said, "oh". She admitted that she didn't realize that such behavior still happened as she genuinely thought it was uncommon.

"What an outrageously pitiful and insignificant fellow. Such a minuscule and petty chap."

In another part of the interview, the vocalist disclosed that she had lost all her pals as she gained stardom after her initial album was launched. When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? was released when Eilish was still in her teenage years at the age of 17.

"When I became famous, I ended up losing all of my pals except for one," she revealed. "Zoe, my closest friend whom I've known since we were toddlers, is the only one who stayed by my side. She's still my homie."

However, she was the only one who stayed by my side. I became well-known all of a sudden, and I wasn't able to connect with anyone. It was a difficult and challenging experience.

Afterwards, Oliver inquired if she attempted to contact those individuals once she returned from her excursion, but discovered that they were not responding.

Eilish stated that she attempted to have a certain feeling, but it did not come naturally to her, and as a result, she felt a sense of bitterness. She explained that she was very young at the time, and it was difficult for her to comprehend the situation. During her 20th birthday celebration, she had an epiphany and recognized that the individuals she had believed were her buddies were actually her workers.

She recalled gazing around the chamber and observed that everyone present was on her payroll. Furthermore, they were all 15 years her senior. Then, one of her closest confidants, who was also a coworker, unexpectedly departed. To make matters worse, this individual ceased all communication with her. This incident was extremely distressing for her.

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