Rhod Gilbert

Rhod Gilbert: Introduction

Rhod Gilbert is a Welsh comedian and radio/TV personality who has been making audiences laugh for over a decade. Born in Carmarthen, Wales in 1968, Rhod was originally a teacher before turning to comedy full time in 2002. He quickly established himself as a unique and hilarious voice in the comedy world, known for his wild hair and energetic performances.

Rhod has toured extensively throughout the UK and internationally, performing in front of sold out crowds. He has made numerous appearances on popular TV shows such as Mock the Week, 8 Out of 10 Cats, and Live at the Apollo. He has also hosted his own radio show and TV series, including Rhod Gilbert's Work Experience and Rhod Gilbert's Growing Pains.

Rhod Gilbert's Comedy Style

Rhod's comedy is known for its sharp wit and observational humor. He often rants about everyday annoyances, such as queuing, technology, and customer service, and his physicality on stage adds to his comedic delivery. Rhod is also known for his storytelling abilities, often recounting amusing and embarrassing anecdotes from his own life.

Despite his often grumpy persona on stage, Rhod is known for his friendly personality off stage and his dedication to charity work. He has raised money for various causes, including Welsh children's hospice Ty Hafan, and in 2011 he climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for Comic Relief.

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