Miss Universe 2023: The Winner Is…

Miss Universe 2023

It seems like a predictable outcome now, but for the 72nd time in a row, the champion of the 2023 Miss Universe pageant was from a relatively unknown location known as, well, Earth. As Alyssa Edwards famously exclaimed, "Shut up! Can you believe it?"

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On Saturday, the ceremony had 84 participants and even had a contestant from Pakistan participating for the first time ever. The event was broadcasted live on Telemundo and the Roku Channel. The ceremony took place in San Salvador's José Adolfo Pineda Arena where the current Miss Universe, R’Bonney Gabriel, was present to pass on her title to the winner.

Updates Here are the latest updates from TVLine: 1. Actor Hugh Grant will be part of the Winslet series. 2. Miss Universe will now be available on Roku. 3. There's more news to come, so stay tuned.

The champion of Miss Universe 2021 has been announced!

The triumphant winner of the Miss Universe 2020 pageant has been announced.

At the conclusion of the initial hour, the amount was limited to a select 20: Moraya Wilson from Australia, Issie Princesse representing Cameroon, Celeste Viel hailing from Chile, Camila Avella from Colombia, Isabella García-Manzo from El Salvador, Shweta Sharda from India, Jordanne Levy representing Jamaica, Jameela Uiras from Namibia, Jane Garrett from Nepal, Sheynnis Palacios from Nicaragua, Erica Robin from Pakistan, Camila Escribens from Peru, Michelle Dee from the Philippines, Marina Machete from Portugal, Karla Guilfú from Puerto Rico, Bryoni Govender representing South Africa, Athenea Pérez from Spain, Anntonia Porsild representing Thailand, Noelia Voigt from the United States, and Diana Silva hailing from Venezuela.

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After the segment where the contestants flaunted their swimwear, the judges announced the top 10 finalists. These included Moraya Wilson from Australia, Camila Avella from Colombia, Isabella García-Manzo from El Salvador, Sheynnis Palacios from Nicaragua, Camila Escribens from Peru, Michelle Dee from the Philippines, Karla Guilfú from Puerto Rico, Athenea Pérez from Spain, Anntonia Porsild from Thailand, and Diana Silva from Venezuela.

The group of 10 people who made it to the next stage of the contest put on their evening gowns while John Legend sang “Wonder Woman” live. After that segment, the judges revealed the top five contestants: Moraya Wilson from Australia, Karla Guilfú from Puerto Rico, Sheynnis Palacios from Nicaragua, Anntonia Porsild from Thailand, and Camila Avella from Colombia.

Following a series of random inquiries from the selection board for this year, one last evaluation and an additional ultimate inquiry, the highly anticipated outcomes were declared. The suspenseful moment had arrived...

The third spot was taken by Moraya Wilson from Australia, while the second spot went to Anntonia Porsild representing Thailand. The winner of the competition was Sheynnis Palacios hailing from Nicaragua.

Five talented women, Jeannie Mai, Maria Menounos, Olivia Culpo, Catriona Gray, and Zuri Hall, co-hosted this year's ceremony. The selection committee was made up of esteemed individuals such as Carson Kressley, who regularly appears on RuPaul's Drag Race, Avani Gregg, a prominent social media personality, Nadia Ferreira, a model who was the runner-up Miss Universe 2021, Mario Bautista, a singer, and Sweta Patel, a Roku executive.

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