Miss Nicaragua, Miss Australia and Miss Thailand Sparkle in Embellished Gowns as Top Three Miss Universe 2023 Finalists

Miss Universe 2023

The three final candidates for the Miss Universe 2023 title were announced on Saturday in San Salvador, El Salvador. The names of the winners were Miss Nicaragua Sheynnis Palacios, Miss Thailand Anntonia Porsild, and Miss Australia Moraya Wilson. The contestants all showcased their individuality in choosing their own unique, custom gowns which were bedazzled with various embellishments such as sequins, pearls and rhinestones.

Thailand's representative in the pageant wore a crystal-coated outfit with star-shaped patterns and beads by the brand Myriad Monde, which featured the see-through trend.

The representative from Australia dressed in a cream corset gown that had a star detail adorned with crystals which was crafted by Alin Le' Kal.

The champion of Nicaragua, who received the crown, sported a fancy outfit adorned with precious stones and pearls. The design also featured shoulder cutouts, and the gloves were decorated with clear crystals. The outfit was paying homage to Nicaragua's national flag.

Palacios was awarded a special crown crafted by the jewelry experts at Mouawad, who have been the official jewelers for the Miss Universe organization since 2019. Thailand's Porsild secured the position of first runner-up.

On November 15th, the Miss Universe organization made their debut in the merchandising world by releasing their first collaborative product line, which is now available for preorder on their website. As part of the event, models showcased swimwear creations by Rubin Singer.

During the summertime, the organizers of Miss Universe competition introduced a line of skincare products catered towards women from different ethnicities. The products include natural ingredients sourced from all seven continents.

The event in 2023 saw significant modifications when the Miss Universe organization abolished the restriction on the age of contestants, which had formerly been set at 28 years old. This year was also historic, as the competition embraced two transgender women, a curvy model, and mothers.

In the 2023 Miss Universe contest, participants from 86 nations went up against one another for the leading spot, which was formerly held by R'Bonney Gabriel. Musical artist John Legend put on a performance for the show, while Maria Menounos, Olivia Culpo, and Jeannie Mai Jenkins were the master of ceremonies. The wardrobe for the opening segment was supplied by Clarisse Designs, and all the contestants wore them. Jojo Bragis was responsible for providing footwear for the event.

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