French air traffic controllers threaten Rugby World Cup walkouts | Travel Weekly

French air traffic controllers threaten Rugby World Cup walkouts | Travel Weekly

Airlines are expected to experience new difficulties due to the protest called by the biggest French air traffic controllers' union, which will coincide with the Rugby World Cup taking place in France.

According to local news sources, the SNCTA union is said to have urged employees to participate in countrywide strikes on two Fridays – September 15 and October 13.

The initial strike will align with the Rugby World Cup, which is expected to attract a large number of individuals to France.

This course of action has the potential to cause numerous flight cancellations and have consequences for flights from foreign nations that pass through French skies.

The union expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of response from the civil aviation authority (Direction générale de l’Aviation civile, DGAC) in the face of increasing inflation.

French air traffic controllers went on strike, causing numerous flights to be canceled starting in January. They also carried out additional strikes in March and June.

Paris subway employees have also issued a warning of potential strike action during the upcoming Rugby World Cup, spanning from September 8 to October 28.

Train operators will grant a bonus to their drivers to acknowledge the extra service they must provide throughout the occasion. However, no additional compensation has been extended to the station personnel.

FO-RATP, a trade union that represents workers in the public transportation sector in Paris, has warned of their intention to go on strike regarding this matter. Talks are currently in progress.

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