Italy, France and UK airport and rail strikes planned for September

Italy, France and UK airport and rail strikes planned for September

Certain activities are scheduled to align with the timeframe of the Rugby World Cup in France.

Currently, strike activity is surging throughout Europe, as numerous workers express dissatisfaction with the lack of wage increase in proportion to the alarming inflation levels.

Protests are organized throughout Europe, demonstrating the importance of verifying your travel plans in advance.

Fortunately, we have compiled all the details about the protest in the section below.

Keep reading to discover the locations and schedules of the walkouts.

If your flight or train gets canceled or faces a delay, you have the right to receive a fresh ticket or be compensated. Take a look at our comprehensive guide for all the necessary information.

French Air Traffic Control Union Calls For September And October Strikes

The biggest union for air traffic controllers in France, known as SNCTA, has urged employees to participate in nationwide strikes on the 15th of September and the 13th of October.

The initial protest will happen at the same time as the Rugby World Cup, an event that will attract a massive crowd to the nation. The organization strongly criticized the "lack of response from the civil aviation authority (Direction générale de l'Aviation civile, DGAC)" in the midst of rapidly increasing inflation.

This event may result in many flight cancellations and affect international flights that pass through the airspace of France.

Paris Transport Strikes Loom Over Rugby World Cup

The employees of the Paris Metro have expressed their intention to engage in a strike during the Rugby World Cup, an event scheduled to take place from 8th September to 28th October at the renowned Stade de France in Saint-Denis.

While locomotive operators will be granted a gratuity to acknowledge the supplemental duties they must perform throughout the occasion, employees stationed at the train terminals have not been extended any extra remuneration incentives.

Employees of FO-RATP, a trade union that advocates for public transportation workers in Paris, have expressed their intention to go on strike regarding this matter. Talks are presently in progress.

Airport Strikes In Italy Cause Flight Cancellations

Airport employees and personnel in various Italian airports are set to engage in a strike stretching over a duration of 24 hours on the 8th of September.

Labor unions are demanding enhanced employment stability and salary hikes in the face of rapidly increasing inflation rates.

Baggage handlers, who are members of the FLAI Trasporti union, are anticipated to participate in the strike.

The extent of the disruption remains uncertain, but a few airlines have already initiated flight cancellations.

ITA Airways announced that it was "compelled to implement adjustments" to its services, resulting in the cancellation of 30 domestic flights as a result of the industrial dispute. The airline offered passengers the option to reschedule their flights at no additional cost or seek a refund if their flight was cancelled or delayed for more than 5 hours.

Ryanair has additionally scrapped a limited quantity of flights, assuring that travelers will be promptly informed if their trip is impacted.

EasyJet has issued a cautionary message about potential delays and inconvenience, although they haven't eliminated any flights at this time.

ENAC, the civil aviation authority in Italy, has provided reassurance to passengers that flights will proceed as scheduled despite strikes occurring from 7am to 10am and 6pm to 9pm.

On September 29th, airport personnel responsible for handling luggage are set to go on strike nationwide for a full day.

Italy To See Air Traffic Control Strikes

On the 16th of September, personnel responsible for managing air traffic at various airports throughout the nation will initiate an industrial action, voluntarily abstaining from their duties for a duration of eight hours, commencing at 10 in the morning until 6 in the evening.

Certain flights are safeguarded during industrial actions in Italy. The Italian authority responsible for civil aviation (ENAC) will release a roster of assured flights a few days prior to the strike.

Flights set to leave prior to 10am and past 6pm should remain unaffected by the strike, albeit there might be some consequential impacts.

Strike At Luton Airport: Wizz Air Handlers Walk Out

The employees in charge of ground handling tasks at Luton Airport have declared their intention to carry out strikes lasting 24 hours on September 13th.

According to the Unite union, the strikes will create extensive inconvenience for Wizz Air travelers.

The strike has been initiated by GH London's ground handler's staff due to their dissatisfaction with the subpar working conditions and unjust treatment.

More Ryanair Strikes In Belgium

Pilots working for Ryanair, a company based in Belgium, will go on strike once more on the dates of 14th and 15th September.

The airport strikes that took place in July and August at Charleroi airport resulted in the unfortunate cancellation of numerous flights. These disruptions were instigated by the collective action of two trade unions, namely CNE and ACV Puls, as well as the pilots' union Beca, who decided to go on strike.

The strike announcement is set to last until October 2024, and members of the CNE union are cautioning that there is a strong possibility of ongoing protest if there are no enhancements in working conditions and wages.

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