Strictly fans "in shock" over Kai Widdrington's real age

Kai Widdrington

Viewers of Strictly Come Dancing were surprised to discover the age of dancer Kai Widdrington, according to a report by the BBC.

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On Sunday night (November 19), people who watched Strictly Come Dancing were shocked. However, it was not because they found out that Angela Rippon was out of the competition.

Rather, it was a surprising discovery about Angela's dance companion, Kai Widdrington, that caused fans to express their opinions.

On the episode of Strictly that aired on Sunday night, Kai and Angela were eliminated from the competition as they lost the dance-off against Bobby Brazier and Dianne Buswell.

In her exit interview, Angela commended Kai but also disclosed that their age gap is larger than what most audiences believed - he's actually just 28 years old.

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The article discusses the reaction of Youtube star Joe Sugg to the Blackpool episode of the popular TV show Strictly Come Dancing. In the episode, Sugg's dance partner, Dianne Buswell, became emotional and started crying during their performance. Sugg has since expressed his thoughts on the episode and his support for Buswell.

Angela pointed out that people often bring up the fact that she used to host Come Dancing, which happened a long time ago, about 40 years ago. She acknowledged that things were different back then and used Kai as an example, saying that he wasn't even born yet during that time.

"She's always saying how he has an old personality in a young body," she went on. "He's in his late twenties and I'm almost 80. So there's more than five decades separating us."

"He has taken care of me exceptionally well. He's an amazing dancer, an excellent choreographer, but what sets him apart is his remarkable teaching skills. Moreover, he possesses extraordinary patience that reminds me of a saint."

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Following Angela's remarks, fans hurriedly turned to X (previously referred to as Twitter) to express their astonishment regarding Kai's age.

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"I can't believe it! Kai is just 28 #Strictly," expressed a shocked viewer. Meanwhile, another commented, "Wait, Kai is just 28??? I was under the impression that he was almost 40."

"I just discovered that Kai is 28 and I am extremely surprised. I am unable to accept it!! #Strictly," expressed another loyal follower.

Kevin Clifton, a former Strictly Come Dancing professional, has confirmed the news that he will be taking on a new stage role.

A person who watched the show made a humorous comment, saying they want to take a look at his passport. Someone else wrote that they were surprised to hear Kai is only 28 because they thought he looked much older, at least 37.

Another viewer of Strictly commented: "It was surprising to learn that Kai is just 28 years old." The exit of Kai and Angela was handled in a very graceful manner.

It's uncertain who will be eliminated next. It all depends on the type of dances they receive and how well they are able to perform them moving forward.

Every weekend, you can catch Strictly Come Dancing on BBC One. Additionally, the spin-off show, Strictly: It Takes Two, is shown on weekdays on BBC Two. If you miss a broadcast, don't worry! You can easily watch both programs on BBC iPlayer.

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You can now buy tickets for Strictly's live arena tour happening in 2024.

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