‘We can be on the path to the EU or to Belarus’: Political thug culture grips Georgia


Georgian Parliament Approves Foreign Agent Law, Sparking Protests

The regulations have caused a conflict between the nation and the European Union, as well as its own population.

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Georgia Uses Tear Gas, Water Cannon Against Pro-EU Protesters Over ‘Russian Law’ Unrest

The president of the country has requested the interior ministry to withdraw riot police. He expressed his disapproval of the youth being targeted by the police. The president showed his disappointment towards the situation, calling it a disgrace.

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Ruling Party Claims Georgia Unprepared For EU

The statement is made amidst growing strain between Tbilisi and Brussels due to a foreign agent law believed to be influenced by the Kremlin.

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Georgia Parliament's Leader Attacked Over 'Russian Law' - Punch-up!

Following the order from the EU for the South Caucasus nation to retract a disputed foreign agent legislation, the occurrence took place.

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