Jasmine Jobson responds to Top Boy spin-off

Jasmine Jobson

Actress Jasmine Jobson, who played Jaq Lawrence on the hit show Top Boy, has addressed rumors about a spin-off series centered around her character.

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It appeared as if the actor said goodbye to Jaq after the finale of the popular Netflix crime series' fifth season last year. However, the show's maker, Ronan Bennett, has confirmed that he is currently in discussions with Netflix about a possible follow-up series which is centered on Jaq. If this idea is approved, Bennett has stated that the spin-off will revolve around Jaq.

In regards to Bennett's future plans after receiving the award for Best Supporting Actress at the BAFTA Television Awards on May 12th, Jobson disclosed that Netflix has not yet spoken to her about creating a spin-off, however, she is interested if the streaming service decides to pursue the idea.

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The famous person said to Digital Spy and other reporters that Netflix hasn't approached her yet. She also shared that if Netflix decides to make it happen, she is interested. She mentioned that it was hard to say goodbye to Jaq's character, so she would be excited to do it again. However, she clarified that the decision is not hers to make.

In another part of the blog, Jobson talked about the way she got ready for playing Jaq, sharing that she had chatted with a few of her acquaintances who identify as LGBTQ+ to understand all the intricacies of accurately depicting the character.

At times, I may inquire with inaccurate queries, but it's merely part of the process of gaining knowledge," she clarified.

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"That's where my journey truly began. I am incredibly thankful for my friends as they have played a huge role in helping me shape my character."

Top Boy actor Micheal Ward's latest film, The Beautiful Game, has released its initial trailer on Netflix. The trailer gives a glimpse of what to expect from the movie.

Regarding the feedback she received from the LGBTQ+ society since Jaq first appeared on our screens in 2019, Jobson stated: "The amount of affection is incredibly genuine."

I have communicated with some individuals who have contacted me and shared that my portrayal in Top Boy has emboldened them to embrace their true selves. It brings me great joy to know that I have been able to inspire others to take ownership of their lives and confidently declare, "This is who I am."

It's important for us to believe in ourselves and I was taught to push myself to be more confident. Therefore, I want to assist in instilling self-assurance in everyone, regardless of the role I am portraying.

You can watch all of the Top Boy episodes on Netflix's streaming service.

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