Fulham vs Man City: Premier League - LIVE!

Fulham vs Man City

Today, Manchester City will be playing against Fulham at Craven Cottage in the early afternoon. If Pep Guardiola and his team win this game, they will be just three victories away from winning the Premier League title for the fourth consecutive season. As the current leaders of the league, they are in a very good position for the final week of the competition.

Pep Guardiola's team is currently unbeaten in 20 Premier League matches, with their most recent loss in December against Aston Villa. The team seems to be on their game and shows no signs of faltering. Additionally, City has a complete and healthy roster and Erling Haaland is in excellent form, having scored four goals against Wolves during last weekend's game.

Fulham is currently positioned in 13th place, which is considered mid-table; therefore, they have no pressure to perform in their final two games. Their record against City has been dismal for the past 13 years, and Arsenal supporters will eagerly watch the game unfold in anticipation of Fulham breaking their losing streak. Be sure to follow Standard Sport’s LIVE blog to stay updated!

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Man City Dominates Fulham With A 2-0 Win

Palhinha has managed to make some crucial tackles during the second 45 minutes.

It's possible that this might be his final match at Craven Cottage while wearing a Fulham jersey.

The midfielder hailing from Portugal has been delivering an outstanding performance for Fulham for the last couple of seasons and is speculated to be transferring elsewhere during the upcoming summer.

Man City Beats Fulham 2-0

After 69 minutes of the game, Haaland took a shot that deflected off a defender and went out for a corner, but unfortunately, the referee called an offside.

Palhinha made an impressive move by sliding to tackle De Bruyne, effectively stopping him from scoring before Haaland got possession of the ball.

Man City Win 2-0 Against Fulham

After 66 minutes of play, it seems like the supporters of Manchester City are the ones who are creating the most sound at Craven Cottage.

The team has full dominance over Fulham.

Armando Broja is stepping in for Rodrigo Muniz, as he makes his ultimate loan performance at Craven Cottage for Fulham.

Man City Beat Fulham 2-0

After 61 minutes, there was a huge opportunity for Haaland!

The player who has scored the most goals in the Premier League is now in a position where they only need to get past Leno to score.

Haaland loses his stability and powerfully kicks the ball beyond the crossbar with his strong left foot.

Securing three points for City would have been certain.

City Beats Fulham 2-0 With Phil Foden's Goal

Foden displayed a remarkable conclusion.

Silva, who was approaching from the right side, was tackled by Palhinha in a sliding motion.

However, the ball happens to fall in a favorable position for Foden. He effortlessly guides it towards the lower left corner of the goal post using his less dominant right foot.

Foden's 25th goal this season may have great significance.

Man City Downs Fulham 1-0

It's been 57 minutes and Fulham has just been given an opportunity!

Fulham had a successful attempt at advancing their offense throughout the day.

Adama Traore rapidly runs on the right side of the field and passes a perilous grounded ball towards the center.

Muniz attempts to score by crossing the ball towards the goal, and Ederson makes a crucial save to prevent a goal.

The city team advances towards the opposite end. De Bruyne powers up a shot towards the goal from 20 yards away, but Leno manages to redirect it to the right pole.

Man City Edges Fulham 1-0

In less than an hour, Alvarez, Doku, and Nunes are preparing themselves before they step into the field for City's game.

Guardiola will be aiming to score another goal in order to secure the victory for his team.

The team from the city is controlling the ball much better than Fulham and the latter is not posing any real threat. However, having just one goal of advantage can be risky.

Man City 1-0 Fulham

In a span of 53 minutes, Leno made a great save!

Haaland passes the ball to De Bruyne, who locates Silva within the penalty area.

Silva touches the ball with his foot and hits it with full force using his right foot from a short distance towards the goal.

However, Leno effectively deflects it to the side, resulting in a corner kick.

Man City Wins 1-0 Against Fulham

After being without possession for three whole minutes, Fulham has finally managed to regain control of the ball. This occurs 51 minutes into the game.

The ball is passed to Adama Traore, who then attempts to maneuver around Akanji. Eventually, Traore manages to deliver the ball, but unfortunately, it results in a goal kick.

Traore could have performed more impressively in that situation, but it's reassuring to see that Fulham has finally been able to put pressure on City's defense in this half.

Man City Beats Fulham 1-0

The second half is following the same pattern as the first, and 48 minutes have passed.

City had possession of the ball for most of the game.

Fulham cannot get hold of the ball.

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