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Well, it's finally finished. How can we express the mood of this match? It's not like any other football games we've seen before. It was eerie, uncomfortable, and tense. Even when the second half kept going on and on, the audience seemed to feel like they were fulfilling some obligation, as if they were experiencing football as if it were a visit to a euthanasia clinic or a separation that was no one's fault.

There were some exciting moments in the game. Tottenham performed admirably and had a fair chance of tying if they were more decisive. It's absurd to think that Spurs would intentionally give up to Manchester City, who won the championship with great force. When has choice ever played a role in sports? Nonetheless, it was an unusual event. The buzz leading up to the game, the constant talk of not allowing Arsenal to win the league title seemed to have an impact on the regular atmosphere.

The atmosphere was still intense, as the outcome of at least four teams hung in the balance. The audience reacted with uncertainty, unsure of their emotions. It was reminiscent of a scene from a Quentin Tarantino movie, where people engage in polite conversation about mundane topics like cars and hamburgers, while something unsettling happens underneath the surface. The tension in the air was palpable, as if something unexpected could happen at any moment.

The sensation changed only in the final moments of the game when Erling Haaland scored again, securing a 2-0 victory that brought City closer to grabbing their fourth consecutive championship.

The penalty from Haaland had a fierce and captivating quality to it. The force behind his foot made a distinct thumping noise upon connecting with the ball, propelling it with remarkable speed into the highest corner of the goal. The impact of the shot was like a sudden jolt, snapping those watching out of their entrancement.

Despite some strange occurrences backstage, Haaland had a fantastic game that was also important for him. He scored his first goal on the 51st minute, with only 11 touches, his first shot, and he approached the goal just once. The goal was a simple tap-in from a distance of four yards. What made it even better was that he executed the perfect moves, analyzed the angles, and found a gap in the defense.

When this type of game starts getting nerve-wracking, having a killer on your team is a must and that's exactly what they were aiming for. Haaland has been frequently criticized for not contributing enough and being more like a decorative Nordic stand rather than a valuable team member, especially when City wins with their usual nine-man outfield play.

In this instance, he fulfilled his job duties successfully and played a key role in securing a victory in a crucial game.

Surprisingly, it was also a new experience for him, as he had never scored the crucial first goal in a must-win game at the end of a season before. His reaction was unique, a bit more unrestrained and exuberant. This nail-biting match could potentially be the highlight of his entire season.

At the beginning of the game, the stadium was surprisingly silent. Tottenham set up in an unusual formation called the double false nine, featuring Pape Sarr and James Maddison playing in ambiguous central positions. This formation presented peculiar challenges and provided a lot of space on the field. Consequently, the game was mostly played in a small area on both sides of the halfway mark for a substantial part of the match.

The football field had peculiar gaps that seemed unusual. The game went on for about ten to twenty minutes with Kyle Walker charging towards the vast empty areas on the left side of the field. It felt like the match should have halted because of these unusual situations, as if there was a technical error. However, something remarkable occurred when Guglielmo Vicario made an incredible right-handed save by stretching out his limbs like a starfish, thwarting Phil Foden's close-range strike.

Five minutes had passed in the second half, but the game was still tied. The City team seemed a bit disorganized at times. The intensity of the game seemed forced, like when there's a car chase scene in a movie that doesn't really fit the story. It feels like there's a lull in the action. We understand what the players are trying to achieve and where they're headed, but we need some obstacles to make it interesting. Maybe a shoot-out in a parking lot would do the trick.

Sometimes, perhaps this was truthful. It could be occurring right now. A remarkable event might be happening soon... Oh, never mind. Foden made an excellent advancement on the left side, passed it over, De Bruyne retrieved it and timed a perfect low pass into the six yard box. Haaland made a flawless run.

As the exciting competition for the title comes to a close this weekend, it doesn't seem as thrilling as one would expect. City has won their last eight league matches since tying with Arsenal, scoring a total of 30 goals while only allowing 5. This winning streak also matches their exit from European competition. If the Uefa ban had been upheld, Guardiola would have most likely dominated the Premier League with ease. The team would have received intense training sessions every week to improve their skills.

The true paradox of this event was that, in its own unique manner, it highlighted a major problem that the Premier League faces. The players within this league are never lacking in strength and vigour, they always give their utmost. However, the challenge that the Premier League must tackle is how to accommodate a team that is so superior, so far ahead of the team in fifth place, and has been dominating for seven years. Despite the amusing lightheartedness and friendly competition between the teams, the dominant team continued to breeze ahead towards the finish line, cementing their position as a serial winner.

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