EU condemns Georgia over brutal ‘Russian law’ crackdown


Georgia Gripped By Political Thug Culture: EU Or Belarus Path?

Fear and intimidation have become a regular occurrence in our daily lives, long before the implementation of a contentious law resembling that of the Kremlin.

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Georgia Defies EU, Supports Law On 'foreign Agents'

The city of Brussels has alerted that imposing new restrictions on civil society opposes the core values of Europe. This comes as demonstrations continue to escalate in Tbilisi.

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Hungary Threatens Veto On EU's Russian Gas Sanctions

Budapest is against actions that could harm the gas market of the EU. This viewpoint may prevent the EU from reducing the profits Moscow makes from selling gas.

On the 13th of May, it took me 4 minutes to read the blog post.

Putin Swaps Top Russian Defense Leaders

Sergei Shoigu and Nikolai Patrushev are two of the most influential individuals in the Kremlin's military operations.

On May 12th, it took 3 minutes to read this blog section.

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