Lawrence Of Arabia's Birthplace For Sale At £1.4m

Thomas Edward Lawrence

The birthplace of Lawrence of Arabia is for sale. It's far away from the desert, more than 2,000 miles.

Thomas Edward Lawrence was born in a village in Wales. He didn't stay there long. He left the UK to serve in Cairo. This was in 1914.

He became famous for leading the Arab rebellion against the Ottoman Empire in World War I. This led to the 1962 film Lawrence of Arabia, starring Peter O'Toole.

A house where Prince Philip was born is up for sale. It's a Grade II-listed property named Snowdon Lodge. People also call it Ty Lawrence or Gorphwysfa. The price for the house is £1,375,000.

The Lawrences lived in the house for 18 months in 1888 and 1889. They later moved to Scotland, then to France and Jersey.

Snowdon Lodge has lots of potential. There are 14 rooms that can be rented out. There is also a teaching room, lounge, games room, dining rooms and a catering kitchen. The place has had lots of work done to it recently.

There are things to see around the property. It's for groups to stay in. You can look at memorabilia and commemorative items. There's a plaque and artwork to honor the archeologist. Guests can like it.

The current owners of the site are Carl and Anja Borum. They wanted a bronze statue made of Lawrence. They asked sculptor David Williams-Ellis to do it. The statue will be part of an exhibition and visitor attraction at the site.

The old home of a famous soldier is up for sale. The soldier died shortly after leaving the army in a motorbike accident. The house is being sold by Fleurets. It's a great opportunity for history lovers.

Fleurets is selling a property that's great for starting a hospitality business or getting away from city life.

Carl and Anja own the house for 20 years. They decide to retire and focus on family, grandkids, and Anja's osteopathic career.

"Carl said we ran the business part-time. We had a B&B down the road before."

We sold a business, then concentrated on renovating Snowdon Lodge. We made improvements to the facilities and increased the room count. We added en-suites, a games room, and conference rooms.

Anja said, "We ran Snowdon Lodge as a lifestyle business." The business has good potential for a new owner to improve the business.

The property costs 1.375 million pounds. It used to be 900,000 pounds in 2008. It means there's potential for the price to increase.

Snowdon Lodge can be used as a hostel, hotel, B&B, restaurant with rooms, drive-through, holiday complex or health care facility.

Tremadog is a Welsh-speaking village. It's popular with tourists. The village is close to Porthmadog. This town is very pretty. Tremadog is near the sea. There are many hiking and climbing routes nearby.

Maybe you're not in Arabia, but you can still own a historical spot in the countryside and start a new life there. It might be perfect for you.

Look at the property listing and ask Fleurets to see it.

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