Preview: United Women v Leicester City

Leicester City

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It's currently 12:49 on Wednesday 13 December in the year 2023.

On Thursday evening, the Manchester United Women's team will be playing against Leicester City at the Leigh Sports Village for the Continental Tyres League Cup.

This will be our third time participating in this season's version, after succeeding in matches against Everton and Liverpool.

At the moment, United holds the second position in Group B, just behind Manchester City. However, due to the unequal number of participating teams, Manchester City won't be playing this week. This puts United in a favorable position to finish the year in the top spot.

Before the Foxes come to visit Leigh, there are some important things to be aware of.

What are the ways to watch the game? Our upcoming game against Willie Kirk's team is scheduled to start at 7:00 pm GMT. If you're located in the UK & Ireland, you can catch the live streaming via MUTV.

You may also monitor the match on or via the United App, where frequent updates will be available including a match summary and feedback after the game.

If you are a fan who wants to attend, you can still purchase tickets. The prices kick off from merely £12 for grown-ups. To reserve your spot, browse through this website link!

Do you know the latest updates about the team? Unfortunately, Emma Watson, Gabby George, Jessica Simpson, and Aoife Mannion won't be playing with United for a while because of their prolonged injuries. Recently, they were also joined by Evie Rabjohn on the list of injured players.

Irene Guerrero and Hinata Miyazawa won't be playing in the upcoming two games before Christmas. Our team is fully available for the match, with all players who played in last week's 4-0 win against Spurs set to play.

It is anticipated that the Foxes will have a few important players missing for their upcoming matches. Deanne Rose is amongst those who won't be playing due to her hamstring issue. Additionally, Shannon O'Brien and Remy Siemsen will also be absent from the field for some time.

Kirk's team is currently in third place in Group B, only one point behind the Reds. They are also two points behind the team in first place, City.

Leicester started their journey in this tournament with a triumph of 2-1 against Liverpool - Aimee Palmer, who used to play for United, scored the first goal. Before the end of the first half, Natasha Flint tied the score for the away team. However, Hannah Cain's goal shortly after the game resumed ensured that the home team won all three points.

Leicester City faced Manchester City in their upcoming match in the Conti Cup. Kirk's team took charge of the game before half-time. Janice Cayman and Sophie Howard scored two quick goals to give them an advantage. However, Deyna Castellanos and Laura Coombs scored a goal each in the second half to ensure a draw for Gareth Taylor's team. Despite this, Leicester City won the bonus point after winning the penalty shootout 4-3.

We have already faced Leicester City this season during a WSL match that took place in front of Leigh Sports Village supporters. It was a closely-fought game that resulted in both teams walking away with a point. Aileen Whelan put the visiting team in the lead at the 60-minute mark, but Maya Le Tissier's goal equalized the score seven minutes later.

Which other teams are participating? Several other matches for the Continental Cup will take place within the next 48 hours.

On Wednesday the 13th of December, there are several football matches taking place throughout the UK. Aston Villa will play against Durham at 6:00 PM (GMT). Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur will have a rivalry game, while Blackburn Rovers will face Sunderland. Everton will compete against Liverpool, and Bristol City will play Reading at 7:30 PM (GMT).

On Thursday 14 December, Manchester United will play against Leicester City.

Every game will start at 7:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time, unless explicitly specified.

It is now 12:49 on Wednesday 13th December 2023.

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