Leicester overcome Rotherham to extend lead at top

Leicester City

Patson Daka has managed to net the ball four times in the last four games he has played for Leicester.

At Christmas, Leicester City, who are currently leading the Championship, managed to tire out the team at the bottom, Rotherham United, and now have a comfortable six-point lead.

Patson Daka managed to score the first goal of the game at the 60th minute, despite being held back by the Millers' strong defense during the first half. The goal came after Wesley Faes attempted a shot that was saved by Viktor Johansson.

Daka managed to score two goals for the team. The first goal was a result of a free kick, while the second was a penalty awarded after Johansson fouled the Zambian forward. Casadei also contributed to the team's success by scoring a header from a cross made by Ricardo Pereira. Rotherham couldn't keep up and eventually lost the game.

They secured their fifth straight victory, and 19th out of 23 total games played in their league this season. The team leading the Championship is showing no signs of slowing down as they approach the midpoint of the season.

On the other hand, Rotherham's new coach Leam Richardson suffered their third straight loss in the league, which also means that the team hasn't won a single game on the road in 26 matches across all competitions since 8 November last year, and this puts them nine points behind the safe zone.

The Millers, under Richardson's guidance, seem to be progressing well, even though their outcomes might not reflect it. During the first half of the game, they managed to stop Leicester from scoring, even though Leicester had scored 10 goals in their last three games.

Johansson made a great save from Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall and Jannik Vestergaard's header. Hakeem Odoffin did some impressive defending stopping Ricardo Pereira from scoring when Mavididi's cut-back left him with a clear shot at the goal. This defensive play came during a time when the Foxes were increasing their efforts on the field.

After half-time, Johansson added to the existing annoyance by saving yet another shot from Dewsbury-Hall, and Issahaku's attempt was blocked by Morrison at the goal line.

However, the act of staying calm and continuing to work hard paid off as Daka was able to score two goals in just five minutes for Leicester. This was his first time accomplishing this feat in a league game. Afterwards, Casadei, who had not scored since his initial debut in August, scored a goal which confirmed the host team's superiority.

The Millers have only managed to score six goals while playing away in 12 matches this season. Additionally, during their match against Leicester, they were only able to make two attempts on goal, but unfortunately, neither of these attempts were successful. In contrast, Leicester was able to achieve 24 goals during the match.

Enzo Maresca, who is the head coach of Leicester City, indicated in an interview with BBC Radio Leicester:

We were aware that the game would be challenging yet we remained composed and held out for additional opportunities. Our focus was on maintaining an equilibrium and not missing out on any potential changes in momentum. Ultimately, we achieved the toughest feat in such situations by scoring a goal.

We were aware that maintaining the same level of enthusiasm for them without possession of the ball would pose a challenge. Nonetheless, we were content with the first half of the game.

During the opening half, we managed to generate three noticeable opportunities which can be quite challenging to come by in games of this nature. It's important to exercise endurance.

Right now, we have earned six points from Ipswich, plus additional points from both Southampton and Leeds. However, we must keep in mind that we are only halfway through the season. Our current point total is significant, and we must strive to accumulate more in the future.

During an interview with BBC Radio Sheffield, Leam Richardson, the manager of Rotherham United, made some comments.

During sixty-five minutes, I felt that we delivered a pretty solid performance, giving us good value for our efforts. I was optimistic that we could carry that level of play into the later stages of the game in case Leicester decided to take more risks and leave some gaps in their defense. However, I must acknowledge the quality of our opponents and show them the respect they deserve.

The items are of excellent standard and have earned their place in the top tier. Our division presents significant difficulties, and we currently lack sufficient personnel. Hopefully, we will be able to acquire additional support promptly.

"But in today's evaluation, I believe the guys went the extra mile and showed a commendable performance."

It's upsetting that there are particular objectives and mistakes that can be prevented by establishing good habits. As the leader, it's my responsibility to reinforce these habits for the future.

The game has come to an end, with Leicester City beating Rotherham United by three goals to nil.

The last segment of the match comes to an end with the final score of Leicester City 3, Rotherham United 0.

Leicester City has been caught offside as Stephy Mavididi was found to be in an offside position.

The Leicester City player, Yunus Akgün, took a shot with his left foot from afar, but unfortunately, it veered off towards the left and missed the target. Cesare Casadei aided him in the attempt.

A free kick is awarded to Hamza Choudhury of Leicester City on the right side of the field.

Tom Eaves (from Rotherham United) has committed a foul.

Harry Winks (from Leicester City) made a violation.

Sam Clucas (Rotherham United) gets awarded a free kick from the referee on the wing towards the right side.

Rotherham United have been caught in an offside position. Tom Eaves was the player who committed the offense.

The shot taken by Hamza Choudhury from beyond the penalty area using his right foot did not hit the intended target as it veered off target to the right of the goal post.

There was an attempt made by Stephy Mavididi of Leicester City. He used his left foot to make the shot from the left side of the box. However, the shot was stopped by the goalkeeper in the very center of the goal. The play was assisted by Harry Winks.

The shot taken by Oliver Rathbone from Rotherham United missed the target to the left while making a quick attack. The shot was made using the left foot and was taken from a distance of greater than 35 yards.

Player change for Rotherham United. Jamie Lindsay is replaced by Sam Clucas.

Switching it up, Leicester City makes a substitution by sending in Hamza Choudhury to replace Ricardo Pereira.

There has been a substitution for Leicester City - James Justin has been replaced by Harry Souttar.

At the corner of the field, Sebastian Revan allowed the opposing team, Leicester City, to gain possession of the ball.

Ricardo Pereira from Leicester City has been awarded a free kick in their own half of the pitch.

Georgie Kelly (Rotherham United) committed a foul.

Score! Leicester City has scored their third goal against Rotherham United with a header from Cesare Casadei from a really short distance to the bottom right corner. The goal was made possible through a cross from Ricardo Pereira.

A change has been made to the Leicester City team. Cesare Casadei has come onto the field, replacing Wilfred Ndidi.

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