Leicester City vs Birmingham City LIVE: FA Cup result and reaction

Leicester City

Keep up with the latest updates as Leicester City takes on Birmingham City in the FA Cup match happening today.

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This year it's the 143rd time that the oldest cup competition in the world is taking place. Manchester City were the champions last season, having won the tournament for the seventh time. This was a great achievement, as they also won two other major competitions in the same season.

This season's top contenders are expected to be the usual teams like Man United, Liverpool, and Arsenal. However, there are some teams who haven't won any big titles lately, but they're still hoping to make it far in the competition. These teams include Newcastle, Tottenham, and Chelsea, who haven't won any major domestic trophies in the past five years, even though they've had success in Europe.

The FA Cup welcomes all teams, ranging from non-league to EFL sides in the lower leagues. Even though the Premier League clubs join in from the third round, the cup is not just for them. This cup provides every team with an opportunity to shine and potentially face the finest teams in the country.

Keep up with the latest news from today's match by checking out the real-time updates in the online blog provided below:

Leicester City Vs Birmingham City Match

The game has finished, and Leicester City was victorious with a score of 3 to 0 against Birmingham City.

Leicester Vs Birmingham: Clash Of The Cities

The conclusion of the second half has arrived and the final score is Leicester City with 3 goals and Birmingham City with none.

"Leicester City Takes On Birmingham City"

Hamza Choudhury (Leicester City) committed a violation.

Leicester Vs Birmingham: The Matchup

The try was stopped. Birmingham City's Tyler Roberts attempted a shot with his left foot from beyond the penalty area, but the ball was blocked and saved by the goalkeeper diving to his left. The score was prevented thanks to a helpful pass from Scott Hogan.

Leicester Vs Birmingham: Clash Of The Cities

James Justin (Leicester City) is responsible for a foul.

Leicester Vs Birmingham: Football Face-off

Score! Leicester City has achieved 3 points while Birmingham City has yet to make any score. Dennis Praet from Leicester City scored a goal by kicking the ball with his right foot from the middle of the field.

Leicester Vs Birmingham: Clash Of Cities

The shot from outside the box by Dennis Praet of Leicester City was prevented from going into the goal due to a blockade. Ricardo Pereira assisted with the shot.

Leicester Vs Birmingham: Clash Of Cities

The shot by Marc Albrighton from the outer side of the penalty area has been obstructed. Kasey McAteer provided the assist for the attempt.

Leicester Vs Birmingham: Clash Of The Cities

At the corner, Leicester City had a goal scored against them by Emanuel Aiwu.

Leicester V Birmingham Clash

The try was stopped. Ben Nelson (Leicester City) used his right foot to make a shot from the middle of the box but the ball was kept out of the goal in the lower left side.

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