Leicester report £89.7m loss after spending charge

Leicester City

The most recent financial losses of Leicester City are connected to the time when they were demoted from the Premier League.

The financial report of Leicester City for the 2022-23 season indicates a shortfall of £89.7m - bringing their total losses for the past three Premier League campaigns to more than £215m.

The regulations of the top level football league allow teams to have a maximum loss of £105 million within a consecutive span of three years.

This is happening even though the Foxes, who were sent down at the end of the earlier season, managed to make a £74.8m gain by selling players.

The club's records express their demotion as a letdown and unforeseeable drop, despite having secured the eighth, fifth, and fifth place in the Premier League during the past three seasons.

Susan Whelan, the CEO of the Championship club stated that the club had experienced a great deal of growth and triumph over the last ten years. However, the season of 2022-23 brought about a major setback which will have impacts that will linger for an extended period of time.

Our top priority should be to put all our efforts into reconstructing and aiming to regain our position in the Premier League."

After securing the fifth, fifth, and eighth spots in the Premier League in the past three seasons, our goals and allocated funds for the 2022-23 season were quite realistic.

Despite being a successful club that has made extensive investments to compete with well-established teams and reach our goals, our recent poor performance on the field has put us in financial trouble. This is especially true due to the Profitability and Sustainability regulations in the game.

Last summer, Tottenham bought James Maddison for £40m while Chelsea paid around £70m to acquire French centre-back, Wesley Fofana, in August 2022. As a result, the Foxes have earned a considerable amount of money from both transfers.

However, the numbers were balanced out by the dismissal of Brendan Rodgers and his coaching crew, which included assistant manager Chris Davies, in April of 2023, as well as a league standing that was lower than anticipated.

The records don't state the precise amount expended to terminate Rodgers' contract. However, there was a rise in sales expenses by £26 million, reaching a total of £301.8 million. The football club regards the change in managers as one of the reasons for this monetary increment.

Rodgers expressed his disappointment with the Foxes' incapacity to invest in new players during the summer transfer window of 2022. He had foreseen the team's difficulties ahead of the season and advised them to aim for 40 points in order to avoid relegation. However, their final tally was only 34 points, resulting in their descent to a lower league.

The amount of money earned by the club dropped to £177.3 million, which is lower than the £214.6 million they made the year before. However, the chairman, Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha, was able to pay off the money the club owed to their parent company, King Power International. This happened in February earlier this year, and the debt was £194 million.

The Foxes had a loan from KPI, which belongs to the Srivaddhanaprabha family, but they managed to transfer the debt into equity.

Whelan stated that Khun Aiyawatt, the Srivaddhanaprabha family, and King Power International have ensured the club's financial stability and long-term commitment. This will give the club the assurance and trust needed to rebuild confidently.

Leicester's accounts were made public 12 days following their charging by the Premier League for supposedly violating PSR regulations and neglecting to provide verified financial statements.

Leicester City is set to introduce "add backs" in their accounting reports to reduce the amount of losses reflected in the Premier League's calculations. These "add backs" will include expenses for their women's team and academy. Additionally, the club will be reporting for a period of 13 months rather than the typical 12 months.

The club made a decision that took a considerable amount of time to align Leicester's accounting standards with the rest of the company.

During the span of three years, the football club has incurred a financial setback of £215.3 million. This also includes a loss of £33.1 million before taxes in the 2020-2021 season, the same year they claimed the FA Cup victory, and a record-breaking loss of £92.5 million in the following year.

Leicester may encounter a deduction of points in the event that they are proven guilty of breaking spending regulations that permit clubs in the Premier League to average losses amounting to £35 million per season.

As the legal proceedings, along with any subsequent challenges, are expected to extend beyond the conclusion of this current season, it implies that any possible penalties will be implemented during the following season.

Premier league teams Everton and Nottingham Forest have already been penalized with a decrease in points this season due to their violations of regulations.

The English Football League (EFL) is conducting a separate investigation into Leicester's finances. The EFL has taken action by placing a registration ban on the East Midlands team. This is in addition to the Premier League's investigation into Leicester's financial dealings.

The Foxes responded by initiating legal action against both the EFL and Premier League.

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The reason behind Leicester City's £89.7m loss has been attributed to three primary concerns.

The club experienced a decrease in Premier League prize money after they plummeted from their eighth spot to the 18th position in just a year. This decline caused the club's demotion from the top tier competition and also led to a loss of approximately £30-35m in prize money earnings.

Next, there is the absence of competitive soccer matches at the European level because the team was unsuccessful in qualifying for the tournament during the previous year.

Thirdly, it is evident that the cost of removing Brendan Rodgers and his team from the club one year ago today was quite high.

The amount of money that the football club lost is astonishing. Leicester attempted to close the difference between them and the top six teams in the Premier League but were unsuccessful due to their recruitment process and lackluster performances during matches.

One of the most noteworthy things is the evident expenditure on salaries. Even though the team earned almost £75 million from selling players, they are still in debt by over £90 million.

Leicester is now recognized as a team that provides ample salaries and takes care of its athletes and their representatives.

Here we can observe the negative impact it has had on the club's financial situation, as a significant payroll expense led to their demotion instead of propelling them forward.

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