Leicester City announce £89.7m loss after Premier League charge

Leicester City

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Leicester City has announced that they suffered a financial deficit of £89.7 million during the 2022-23 season. This comes shortly after their accusation for violating profit and sustainability regulations by the Premier League.

After getting demoted from the Premier League last season, the Foxes have suffered a major drop in their income. This, coupled with their costly salary expenses, has led to financial losses despite the noteworthy transfer of James Maddison to Tottenham.

The team in the second tier of English football, currently placed at the third position in the league table, had been accused of violating financial regulations during the 2022-23 campaign and subsequently summoned by the Premier League to have the matter reviewed by an impartial panel.

Last season, Leicester experienced a loss of £92.5m and their recently verified data suggests they might find it challenging to follow the financial regulations. Premier League teams are allowed to have a deficit of £105m within the span of three years.

The club made public their latest financial information and stated their commitment to handling any fees they may face with fairness and accordance to the rules set by the appropriate bodies and at the appropriate timing.

Leicester has received a transfer embargo from the English Football League (EFL) due to charges imposed on them back in March. They could lose some points, even if they manage to get promoted to the top league, if they are proven guilty of the charges. Leicester, however, plans to take the Premier League and EFL to court to sort this out.

According to Susan Whelan, CEO of Leicester, the team has experienced considerable growth and achievement over the past decade, but the 2022/23 season was a major setback that will have lasting effects.

Our main priority should be to recover and aim to get back into the Premier League. In the last three seasons, we were successful, ranking fifth, fifth, and eighth in the league. Therefore, our plans and funding for 2022/23 were sensible and appropriate.

However, our club has been successful in sports for a long time, which has required a lot of investment to compete with top clubs and follow our goals. This season, our performance on the field was not up to par, which presents financial difficulties, especially considering the current Profitability and Sustainability regulations of the game.

The club in the Midlands got in trouble for breaking financial rules in the Premier League. They are now the fourth team to face charges for this. Another team, Nottingham Forest, lost four points because they broke the same rules. Everton also broke the rules and got punished with a 10-point deduction, but they challenged it and got it lowered to six points. However, they might still face more trouble with another case.

In February of last year, Manchester City was accused of 115 violations of financial regulations. However, they have yet to have their hearing on the matter.

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