Ruben Selles ‘Couldn’t Be Prouder’ After Derby County Win

Derby County

On Tuesday night, the Royals secured a significant victory over Derby County, who are currently vying for promotion, at the SCL Stadium, earning themselves three valuable points.

During the second half, Paul Mukairu managed to score and help us win. Unfortunately, the outcomes of other matches weren't in our favor, and now we continue to be in 21st place, with a deficit of four points to reach safety. Nevertheless, we've started to make progress by dragging other teams into the relegation fight.

Ruben Selles is doing an outstanding job despite facing challenging circumstances. He has been successful in bringing out the best in his team, and their performance has gradually improved throughout the season. Selles shared his thoughts with the official club website and Wokingham Sport.

"Sealed Victory"

In my opinion, the team we faced tonight is among the top performers in the league, but I must say that I am proud of the way we confronted them, the level of effort we put in during important minutes, and our resilience in tough situations.

I believe that over the past month, we have consistently competed at a high level, which demonstrates significant progress. The victory tonight is well-deserved by the boys and will provide them with a boost in confidence. This moment can serve as a driving force for building momentum.

Was our performance last game the best of the season? Some might argue that it was, and I can see why. We kept up our level of play for the entire 90 minutes. However, we need to continue performing like this in our next match and beyond. Luckily, we have a chance to do just that when we play at home this weekend.

However, at the moment, we are reveling in tonight's victory. It is crucial that we rest and recuperate well, as we still have a lot of work ahead of us. We must implement this strategy in every future game, refusing to accept anything less than our best efforts. Our objective is to exhibit a remarkable performance that our supporters can take pride in, creating a genuine buzz around the arena that will propel us to become an unyielding force for the rest of the season.

Points Deduction Suspended For Selles

If you look at past instances in the Football League, today's statement was similar to those.

It would have been too extreme to give us a three-point deduction, so I believe the statement is reasonable. They believed that penalizing our football team wasn't justified.

We are aware that Andy Yiadom had been absent for a month. He participated in a match on the previous weekend, but we understand that if he were to play two games in only three days, it would be challenging for him due to his knee problems. Therefore, we had planned to replace him during the game.

We believed that in case of losing, they would introduce a fresh player to fill that particular position.

We anticipated that Andy would struggle in the second half, so we got Amadou (Mbengue) ready because Andy's physical performance, according to some stats, wasn't at his usual level.

"Jeriel (Dorsett) sometimes lacks stamina, which is crucial to winning games as a team. Therefore, it was essential for the squad to step up and bring in the required energy to win football matches."

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