Moxon rocket rescues point for Pompey against Rams

Derby County

Portsmouth are ahead in League One by a margin of five points.

Portsmouth managed to salvage a draw against their League One promotion rivals Derby with an impressive goal by Owen Moxon.

At the beginning of the game, Joe Ward scored the first goal for the Rams. However, Abu Kamara scored soon after to even the score for Pompey.

After the half-time, Ward was able to score for the second time, which helped Derby regain the lead. However, Moxon, who was on the bench, managed to score from a distance, equalizing the game 2-2.

John Mousinho's team is currently leading the league with a five-point advantage over Paul Warne's team, who are in second place. However, John Mousinho's team still has one more game to play.

Fratton Park was filled with excitement as the top two teams in League One prepared to face each other under the glow of the floodlights, with rain adding to the atmosphere.

Mousinho's team took advantage of the enthusiastic atmosphere at Fratton in the beginning, controlling the ball and attempting multiple shots. However, they didn't manage to make Joe Wildsmith work too hard to make a significant save.

In the 23rd minute, Derby managed to score a goal when Corey Blackett-Taylor swiftly moved the ball towards Portsmouth's end and passed it to Ward who was positioned on the right-side.

He showed great precision with his shot, directing it towards the lower left corner of Will Norris' goalpost to clinch his first goal since becoming a part of Derby last year.

However, the home team equalized right away with an impressive collective play. Colby Bishop skillfully redirected the ball towards Kamara who remained calm, shifted inside and blasted the ball into the back of the net.

Just before the half-time whistle, Ward made a successful shot from a distance which was deflected, enabling Derby to take the lead once again. This was his second goal of the match.

Portsmouth had a chance to even the score quickly, but Christian Saydee missed the target from a distance less than 10 yards by slicing the ball over the bar.

During the second half, Portsmouth had possession of the ball but Warne's team took advantage of Blackett-Taylor's speed to launch counter-attacks and threaten their opponents.

Nonetheless, Portsmouth managed to salvage a draw in the 77th minute when replacement player Moxon powerfully scored from a distance of 25 yards, causing a euphoric reaction from the home fans at Fratton Park.

There was additional excitement during the game when Tino Anjorin, a substitution player for Pompey, fell inside the penalty area towards the end. The team and fans loudly demanded a penalty, but referee Will Finnie made the judgment that there was insufficient contact made to justify awarding a spot-kick.

During an interview with BBC Radio Solent, John Mousinho, the Portsmouth manager, expressed his thoughts.

The team did well against a tough opponent and earned a draw. We should aim for a victory in our next game.

The initial objective was a fantastic maneuver, which made me quite happy, along with the achievement of the second goal.

I think Tino Anjorin's penalty appeal was very clear, but nonetheless, the outcome has put us in a very advantageous position.

According to BBC Radio Derby, Paul Warne, the manager of Derby stated:

Overall, I am quite satisfied with earning a point. I believe we competed evenly with our opponent.

A single point might determine the outcome at the conclusion of the season.

A tie is likely an equitable outcome, but it's discouraging to surrender a lead to a phenomenal goal that could have possibly ended up anywhere.

"I am happy for Joe Ward. He has really found his place in the past few months."

The game has come to a close, with Portsmouth and Derby County both scoring two goals each, resulting in a draw.

The conclusion of the second half has arrived, with the score tied at 2-2 between Portsmouth and Derby County.

Kusini Yengi (Portsmouth) commited a foul.

Eiran Cashin from Derby County has been awarded a free kick in their own defensive zone.

The wait is finally over. They are prepared to resume.

In the game between Derby County and their opponents, there has been a substitution. Korey Smith has been replaced by Conor Hourihane.

A player switch for Derby County as Martyn Waghorn enters the game, taking the place of James Collins.

Portsmouth made a substitution during the game. Abu Kamara was taken off and Gavin Whyte came on as his replacement.

The game got held up due to a physical ailment experienced by Ebou Adams of Derby County.

Kusini Yengi (Portsmouth) committed a foul.

Eiran Cashin, who plays for Derby County, has earned a free kick in their defensive half of the field.

Change in players for Derby County. Conor Washington is coming in for Corey Blackett-Taylor.

Missed opportunity. Nathaniel Méndez-Laing (player from Derby County) kicked with his right foot from a distance outside the box but it missed the target to the left. Assistance was provided by James Collins.

The effort was unsuccessful. Corey Blackett-Taylor, who plays for Derby County, attempted a header from the middle of the box but it went off course to the left. Kane Wilson aided the play by crossing the ball.

An unsuccessful try occurred during the game. James Collins from Derby County attempted a header from the center of the box but missed towards the right. Louie Sibley provided an assist with a cross, but unfortunately it was not enough for the goal.

The holdup has ended. They are prepared to resume.

The game in Portsmouth has been put on hold.

The effort is stopped. Ebou Adams of Derby County takes a shot with his right foot from beyond the penalty area, but it is blocked by the goalkeeper in the middle of the net.

Score! Portsmouth has just equalized 2-2 with Derby County. The goal was scored by Owen Moxon with a shot from beyond the box using his right foot, and Sean Raggett assisted with the play.

Connor Ogilvie from Portsmouth was penalized with a yellow card due to a reckless foul.

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