Act now: Santander to pull its 5.2% savings rate tonight

Act now: Santander to pull its 5.2% savings rate tonight

If you've been following the top-notch saving options, the Santander easy access account stands out as highly appealing with its 5.2% interest rate.

Earlier this month, the popular retail chain Santander increased the interest rate on its simple access savings account to 5.2%. This is the most attractive deal the bank has offered in 14 years and is currently the best option for this kind of account.

The offer with a deadline of 17th September has been updated and the individuals who are interested in availing it should hurry as the offer will be withdrawn at 11:59pm tonight i.e. 12th September.

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Grab Santander’s Best Rate Now!

Starting at midnight tonight, the percentage rate for the account will decrease from 5.2% to 2.5%. However, you still have a few hours left to take advantage of the higher rate if you are considering opening the account. But time is of the essence, so you need to act quickly. As long as you open the account before midnight tonight, you should be able to enjoy the higher rate for a whole year.

The bank is offering a great interest rate, which happens to be the highest they've paid in 14 years. Plus, you only need a pound to get started with this account. The interest payment happens once a year, but if you prefer monthly payments, the rate will be lowered to 5.08% AER.

You can enjoy a special starting interest rate for a year. After this period, your funds will move to a Santander Everyday Saver or a different account that you pick.

If you are interested in finding out additional information regarding the Santander simple accessibility account, you can peruse our blog post for further details.

"Is Santander's Easy Access Account Competitive In The Market?"

Currently, the Santander Easy Access Account limited edition holds the top spot on the easy access table due to its latest 5.2% rate. With an opening requirement of only £1, many people are sure to want it.

If you were unable to register for the Santander savings account, there are alternative accounts that offer great returns and are easily accessible, albeit slightly lower than the Santander account.

There are many savings accounts that are easily accessible, with rates lower than Santander's. These accounts require a minimum deposit of £1 and may accept deposits up to £25,000.

Which Products Have Santander Increased Rates For?

As of September 4th, Santander has increased the interest rates on its fixed ISA accounts.

The ISA tables don't show the best rates because Shawbrook's 1-Year Fixed ISA offers a higher rate of 5.78%, while Aldermore's top 2-year fixed ISA has a rate of 5.61%.

If you want to save your money without paying any taxes, take a look at our recommended cash ISA guide which highlights the highest rate options available.

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