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Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell has expressed that the day he met with record producer Pete Waterman at his studio in Borough was pivotal to his career. According to Cowell, it was the most significant day he has ever experienced in his professional life.

It has been announced that Pete's team, Stock Aitken Waterman, has been awarded a prestigious Blue Plaque for their impact on the British pop music scene.

Simon Cowell, the overseer of Britain's Got Talent, made an appearance on Steven Bartlett's podcast, The Diary of a CEO. Bartlett is a well-known entrepreneur and also stars in the popular TV show, Dragon's Den.

In the recent broadcast on June 10th, Simon Cowell discussed how his life was transformed by his encounter with Pete Waterman.

Southwark is the home of the legendary songwriting trio Stock Aitken Waterman, who are associated with a historical achievement- the Blue Plaque. These plaques are awarded to individuals, who are recognized for making a valuable contribution to society. This honor is bestowed upon them in the form of a blue commemorative plaque that is affixed to their former place of residence. This prestigious award is a testament to their contribution and legacy. Stock Aitken Waterman's remarkable songwriting career, which includes some of the most popular pop hits of all time, has earned them this recognition. Their time in Southwark has made a lasting impression and they will always be remembered as a part of the area's rich cultural history.

In his blog post, Steven Bartlett mentions the book 'I Don't Mean to be Rude But…' written by Cowell. In the book, Cowell recounts that meeting Peter Waterman was the most pivotal moment of his career.

Cowell, who has only completed a small number of podcast interviews previously, clarifies: "It became evident to me quite swiftly that it was doubtful I would be able to discover or secure singer-songwriters."

"I had to search for musicians who required songwriting assistance. Therefore, I was on the hunt for the most skilled pop composers globally."

He recounts the experience of listening to a Stock Aitken Waterman track on the airwaves and being impressed by its exceptional quality. He adds that the group was relatively unknown at the time.

Cowell, who later grew to become a major player in the music industry, disclosed that he encountered Waterman at Sanctuary Street in Borough while at the studio. He took the opportunity to request that Waterman oversee the production of a track for his protégé, Sinitta.

Cowell recounted the incident, stating that he had asked the person if they had time, but they declined due to being busy. Curious, he inquired about what the person was occupied with. However, to his surprise, the person responded with a mischievous wink and a promise to reveal their mysterious task in due time.

In just half a year, Stock Aitken and Waterman rose to fame suddenly. They produced hit after hit from their recording studio in Sanctuary Street, located in Borough. This studio was nicknamed 'The Hit Factory'. The group also kickstarted the careers of well-known artists like Kylie Minogue and Rick Astley.

After achieving this triumph, Cowell revealed that he would loiter around the studio every day, pretending to make tea, in an effort to persuade them to collaborate with him. It was not until Pete eventually consented to creating the desired track that they agreed to work together.

The man who is 64 years old stated that he used to go to his friend's studio daily, and just make tea while sitting in the studio. The studio was always very busy, so no one really paid attention to him being there.

According to him, this occurrence took place for approximately "eighteen months."

After several months, Pete gave Simon the sequel - the trial version of 'Toy Boy' - the famous 1987 song that reached high positions in the charts globally, including in the UK.

In the blog post, Cowell stated that Pete is the supreme DJ globally. According to Cowell, even if Pete were to go to any city in England in the wee hours, he would intuitively be aware of the records to play that would please the audience.

"He simplified everything."

Previously, Pop Idol ex-member Pete expressed his admiration for Simon Cowell with glowing words. He referred to Cowell as his friend and business associate and hailed him as the sole star of The X Factor.

It is said that he still lives in the place where the old studio used to be in Borough.

The CEO's diary podcast is accessible on all popular streaming platforms and can be viewed on YouTube.

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