Simon Cowell, 64, shocks fans with his 'frozen' face

Simon Cowell

Fans of Simon Cowell were left surprised by his appearance on the most recent episode of Saturday Night Takeaway, with some remarking that his look appeared unnaturally still.

The 64-year-old media tycoon showed up on the premiere episode of Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly's new series.

However, spectators struggled to concentrate on his words and were more worried about his looks.

Simon had said he never had a face lift, however he did confess to feeling bad about using too much botox.

According to X, many people who were watching him made comments about his appearance. One person even wrote, "Is that really Simon Cowell? He looks like a Ken Doll that's melting."

. Fans were left surprised by Simon Cowell's seemingly immobile appearance during the latest episode of Saturday Night Takeaway.

The 64-year-old entrepreneur who owns various media outlets showed up on the inaugural episode of Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly's latest TV program.

Another person commented, "Every time I see Simon Cowell, he resembles a character straight from a cartoon." A third individual expressed, "Simon Cowell's appearance has significantly changed, to the point where he no longer resembles himself."

Another person wrote: 'I am uncertain if Simon Cowell has aged attractively!'

Another guest, Stephen Merchant, also had to chime in with his thoughts on Simon's appearance during the program.

Ant and Dec played a joke on Simon by arranging for him to be stopped by actors pretending to be police officers while he was cycling in Malibu.

Reacting to the video, Stephen, who is 49 years old, teased, "It wasn't just okay for me, I thoroughly enjoyed it! That little stunt was me trying my best Simon impression, but I'm pretty sure it fell short because my facial expressions were too obvious."

The comment made by the comedian received a quick reaction from the audience, with one person stating: 'Stephen Merchant just completely humiliated Simon Cowell.'

Someone else commented, 'I thought Stephen Merchant's attempt at imitating Simon Cowell wasn't entirely believable because he couldn't keep his facial expression still.'

Simon demonstrated last year that he is comfortable teasing himself by making a joke about his facial transformation on the television program Britain's Got Talent.

Nevertheless, the audience had trouble concentrating on his words and were more interested in his looks.

According to X, a number of people who watched him made remarks about his appearance, and one person even went as far as saying: "Are you absolutely certain that's Simon Cowell? He seems to resemble a Ken Doll that's slowly melting."

In one of the live demonstrations of the talent competition, he fueled the gossip and made a playful remark about his appearance.

After impressing the judges with his creation of Bruno Tonioli's face using Rubik's Cubes, Tom Crosbie was unexpectedly eliminated from the competition.

As the panel was presented with the final product, Amanda Holden, who is 52 years old, took advantage of the situation to make a joke about Bruno, who is 67 years old. She commented, "He really nailed that orange complexion, didn't he?"

Simon was completely puzzled as he asked, "How on earth did you do that?" The artist replied, "It's all about practice, I figured out that your face is quite a challenging one to recreate using Rubik's Cubes."

Simon then made a witty remark saying, "I'll alter my appearance yet again."

Simon insisted in April that he has never undergone a facelift, as Ant & Dec joked about his altered appearance.

During that moment, Dec (who was 47 years old at the time) announced to the viewers that there was an addition to the judging panel. His partner in comedy, who was also 47 years old, then asked in response, "Simon has a new appearance?"

When asked by The Mirror, Simon dismissed the idea that he had undergone surgery, even though his appearance had changed significantly. However, he laughed it off.

In an interview with the magazine, he said, "I find it amusing. It's funny how people think I've had a facelift or something."

He mentioned that he has had some Botox treatment, but it wasn't too extreme.

Whenever I come across such things, to be frank, it really tickles my funny bone.

The executive of the talent show recently confessed that he went too extreme with his fondness for Botox. After his last treatment, he resembled 'a character from a horror film'.

Simon caused quite a stir in 2022 when he made an appearance on the Royal Variety performance, with many people talking about his face.

Is everything different now? Simon revealed that he made the decision to stop because his unconventional look caused his eight-year-old son Eric to burst out laughing in 2021, but in 2022, he looks completely different.

Looking back: The celebrity appears completely different compared to his past appearance (shown in a photograph taken in 2001).

The Sun reported that Simon chose to put an end to his peculiar look when his son Eric, who is eight years old, burst into fits of laughter.

The individual who used to judge on X Factor and has a child with his partner, Lauren Silverman, has stated that he no longer has any fillers in his face.

Lately, he's been flaunting his new and improved physique, having shed three stone, and utilizing a surgical back brace to help him recover from a bike accident that nearly left him paralyzed back in 2020.

In 2020, the entrepreneur suffered a serious injury to his spine when he tumbled off an electric bicycle he was trying out at his Malibu residence. This resulted in a lengthy six-hour surgical procedure. Unfortunately, he faced a further setback after experiencing another bike accident just a year later.

The individual who was previously a contestant on X Factor has managed to lose three units of weight by making significant changes to their eating habits and overall way of life, all to better their recuperation.

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