Simon and Amanda's kids gatecrash Britain's Got Talent auditions

Simon Cowell

On Sunday, Simon Cowell allowed his son Eric and Amanda Holden's daughter Hollie to join in on the Britain's Got Talent auditions without prior invitation.

In the most recent episode, the Japanese jump rope group, Haribow, performed on stage, causing the audience to go crazy and plead with the judges to give them a golden buzzer. Unfortunately, every golden buzzer had already been utilized.

Simon signaled to his son Eric, who is a mere 10 years old, to push the button as the crowd's cheers surged. Simon was amazed at the volume of the reaction and stated it was unlike any other.

"Alright then, go ahead," Simon uttered, while Eric and Hollie, who were both twelve-year-olds, sprang up from their seats and rushed towards the judges' table, hitting the golden buzzer and allowing Harbow to advance to the live semi-finals.

Simon announced that his son and Amanda's daughter were encouraged by the crowd, and that they'll be competing in the finals. He congratulated them for their achievement.

Simon Cowell allowed his son Eric and Amanda Holden's daughter Hollie to join the Britain's Got Talent auditions unexpectedly on Sunday.

Simon expressed that he had never experienced a response of that magnitude before. Afterwards, he directed his 10-year-old son Eric to press the button.

Haribow, a crew of artists hailing from Japan and ranging in age from 22 to 24, put on a display of stomp-style dancing while incorporating the use of jump ropes. They showcased their skills on the streets.

The amazing flips and stunts performed by the group impressed the audience, who started cheering so loudly that the judges' feedback became inaudible.

Alesha looked towards her co-judges and instructed them to continue, even though there was a lot of noise around them. Meanwhile, Bruno attempted to offer his thoughts on Haribow's performance.

The ex-dancer had a difficult time talking due to the loud shouts of "Push the gold". They had to turn to the listeners and say, "Please hear me out, it's not possible! We don't have any remaining."

Simon remarked, "You won't find anything better than this." At times, when observing an audition, I'm uncertain about what to express," he further commented.

Words are not needed when something is amazing like this.

The camera shifted its focus to Eric, who sprang out of his chair, overcome with enthusiasm. "Please forgive my son's wild behavior," Simon apologized.

At that moment, Simon inquired if any of the spectators believed that Haribow merited the golden buzzer, eliciting louder cheers. Simon then allowed Eric and Hollie to carry out the task.

of the talent show. The performance by Haribow, a group of Japanese professional jump rope athletes, received a very enthusiastic reception from the crowd. In fact, the audience reaction was so strong that they started cheering and screaming loudly. This happened during the last broadcast of the talent show.

Haribow, a crew of entertainers hailing from Japan, ranging from 22 to 24 years of age, executed breakdancing moves while simultaneously jumping over jump ropes on the streets.

The camera moved to focus on Eric, who was jumping out of his chair in enthusiasm. "Apologies, my child is extremely excited at the moment," Simon explained.

During this moment, Simon enquired with the audience as to whether Haribow deserved the golden buzzer and this caused a louder response. Afterwards, Eric and Hollie were given the responsibility of doing the honors.

'Alright then,' Simon exclaimed, pointing towards Eric. He and Hollie, who is 12 years old, jumped up and hurried towards the judges' table. They hit the golden buzzer, which sent Harbow straight to the live semi-finals.

However, the audience of BGT had differing opinions regarding the dynamic moment that appeared on television. Certain individuals found it enjoyable, while others were displeased with the addition of the buzzer.

According to X - formerly known as Twitter - supporters of the latest act exclaimed, "SIMON'S SONS RECEIVED THE GOLDEN BUZZER!"

"Congratulations Eric and Hollie! You certainly earned that golden buzzer. Your performance was fantastic compared to some of the not-so-good acts that made it through. LOL."

It's true! The crowd was really hoping for a golden buzzer, and lucky for them, Simon's son and Amanda's daughter were able to make it happen. As a result, Haribow successfully made it to the semi-finals with their impressive jump roping skills.

"I'm so happy that Haribow received the Golden Buzzer. They were truly amazing!" "Oh, how sweet! Simon's son Eric was there too."

As soon as Simon instructed Amanda's daughter, she immediately accepted the task, responding confidently with "I will take care of it" without any hesitation.

The recent exhilarating moment on BGThas caused a split of opinions among its viewers. While some seemed to relish the occasion, there were also those who were not pleased with the additional buzzer.

The amazing acrobatics and stunts performed by the group were so impressive that the audience was completely won over. There was so much cheering and support that the judges' comments were almost drowned out.

However, there were individuals who failed to comprehend the significance of having another golden buzzer, expressing that the show has become a laughing matter with privileged youngsters receiving such accolades.

'So, now every individual has the right to press the golden buzzer?'; 'It's unbelievable that they would let children have access to a buzzer.'

'What's happening? I'm confused. Has Eric been given a golden buzzer?'

Do judges' kids receive golden buzzers now? I don't see the benefit of such a format. Honestly, the entire show's format is superficial and uninteresting and should be discarded.

However, some individuals failed to comprehend the purpose of adding another golden buzzer, asserting that the show has become a mockery with undeserving children receiving the coveted buzzer.

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