Devastated Lando Norris reacts to ‘throwing away’ British GP: ‘I blame myself’

Lando Norris

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Lando Norris found it difficult to conceal his frustration after a last-minute error prevented him from winning the British Grand Prix.

Lando Norris - Figure 1
Photo The Independent

During an exciting race at Silverstone, McLaren's Norris was in the lead with 14 laps remaining before the last pit stops, as the top competitors went in to change to dry tires.

Norris had to pit one lap after Lewis Hamilton, who ended up winning the race. Unfortunately, Norris made a mistake and overshot his pit box, leading to a slow stop that lasted 4.5 seconds. When Norris got back on the track, Hamilton was already two seconds ahead in the lead.

Norris, who was robbed of a possible win last week when he crashed with Max Verstappen in Austria, ended up in third place behind Verstappen at Silverstone.

"That final choice really changed everything," said Norris, looking devastated.

"It was challenging, enjoyable, difficult circumstances, it was a close call, you're taking a big risk. A lot of disappointments."

Lando Norris - Figure 2
Photo The Independent

"I am grateful to be on the podium, but I take full responsibility for not making the best choices. I am disappointed with my performance and do not want to make excuses. This is the one place where I strive for perfection."

Norris, talking later during the press conference for the top three finishers, emphasized that the timing of his pit stop played a crucial role in losing his position to Hamilton. He also pointed out that the choice of tyre was a determining factor in the outcome. It was evident that he felt devastated to see another victory slip away from him.

"I've been so close to winning often recently, I don't like admitting it again," he stated.

Many things were going smoothly until the very end. We messed up in the last pit stop. Even though I should have pitted earlier, choosing to switch to soft tires was a mistake.

We lost everything today because of two mistakes we made. This is especially disappointing in this situation.

After placing lower than Verstappen, Norris is now behind the Red Bull driver by 84 points as we reach the halfway point of the season.

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