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Lando Norris

Lando Norris has been released from the University Medical Center after being taken there for routine checks after his severe accident in the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

The British driver began the race from the fifteenth position on the grid. He and his teammate Oscar Piastri both failed to make it to the second round of Friday's qualifying session. Norris managed to move up to thirteenth place in the initial laps of the race, but unfortunately, he lost control of his car on the fourth lap causing him to spin and hit the wall near Turn 12.

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During his driving, Norris' MCL60 went off the track and crashed into a barrier. Although Norris assured his team via radio that he was safe, he was still brought to the medical center on the track and then transferred to the University Medical Center for further tests. These measures were taken as a precautionary measure for Norris' safety.

After he was released, Norris provided his view regarding the event that caused him to drop out of the competition prematurely.

"It's a disappointing way to wrap up our Las Vegas Grand Prix weekend," he shared. "During the restart, I hit the bottom of the track, lost control of the back of the car, and ended up crashing into the wall. It's not how we wanted to finish the weekend, especially after Oscar's impressive performance had us feeling hopeful about our potential."

I would like to express my gratitude to the medical professionals who took care of me, as well as to the crew who will now focus on repairing the car. We have one week to prepare for the final race of the season in Abu Dhabi."

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In the 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix, Norris had an accident on the third lap, which caused the Safety Car to be activated.

Team Principal Andrea Stella provided some insight into the cause of the incident, stating that there is a bump in that location. As each car goes over the bump, sparks can be seen. The combination of the bump and the cold tires may have caught the driver off guard. There seems to be no issue with the car or anything else contributing to the incident.

When asked if the driver was a passenger in a similar situation, the Italian individual admitted that "everyone experiences the same impact."

Did you know that Max Verstappen achieved a remarkable three consecutive wins in the United States? It's true! This feat has never been done before. Additionally, Red Bull Racing achieved their first 1-2 finish in the drivers' championship. These are impressive accomplishments worth noting.

According to him, the outcome varies depending on how fast you are driving, the state of your tires, the way your car is positioned over the bump in that area, and the placement of the car in front. There are numerous factors to consider. Perhaps Lando thought there was sufficient grip, but it's a challenging location with a lot of uncertainties. I bet other drivers would agree that this is something that needs to be addressed.

Although it was a challenging weekend for McLaren, they managed to earn two points. Oscar Piastri secured the 10th position, and he also gained an extra point for recording the quickest lap of the race.

As the season comes to a close in Abu Dhabi, the Woking team holds fourth position in the constructors' standings with a total of 284 points. This means they have an advantage of 11 points over Aston Martin who currently sit at fifth place.

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