Lando Norris explained issues with Las Vegas circuit before crashing at Grand Prix

Lando Norris

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Just before his severe accident during Sunday's race, F1 racer Lando Norris expressed his worries about certain risks on the Las Vegas Grand Prix track.

During a grid walk interview with Martin Brundle from Sky Sports, Norris was asked for his opinion on the track and what it feels like to drive on it. He answered by saying that the track is "pretty terrible."

This is the lowest temperature we've experienced all weekend, but that doesn't mean you should be pushing during your out-lap. Typically, out-laps are not times for pushing.

"It wasn't great and we're hoping it will return to us. The race track is expected to improve significantly during the competition despite the strong winds. Unfortunately, I will be starting from the back of the grid."

Despite many obstacles, the upcoming race is expected to be a fulfilling and exciting event.

Norris began the race in the 15th position due to a lackluster performance in qualifying. Sadly, he lost authority over his vehicle while maneuvering through turn 12 and ended up spinning out of control and hitting the wall with his car's rear emitting sparks.

The British driver turned to the right but collided with the wall, causing one of his tyres to come off. He then ended up hitting the barriers on the side of the track. Despite the crash, Norris was able to inform his engineer that he was unharmed before the safety car came out.

After that, the McLaren racer was brought to the medical center on the race track. From there, they were taken to the university medical center for more examinations as a precautionary measure.

Max Verstappen emerged as the winner of the first-ever race on the Sin City track, after captivating the audience with an exciting performance. He managed to outdo Charles Leclerc, who had begun the race in the leading position.

Sergio Perez was on course to secure a second-place finish for Red Bull, but was overtaken by Leclerc on the last lap. This marks the second successive race in which Perez has fallen down the rankings on the final lap, with Fernando Alonso preventing him from achieving a podium finish at the previous event in Brazil.

Oscar Piastri, who is part of Norris' team, managed to get one point in the world championship due to his impressive performance, finishing in 10th place.

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