Lando Norris posts update from hospital after Las Vegas crash

Lando Norris

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Lando Norris has been released from the hospital after his scary accident in the Las Vegas Grand Prix and reports that he is doing fine.

During the first-ever race, the individual operating the McLaren vehicle lost control and collided into a solid concrete wall at a speed of 180mph during the third lap.

The driver from Britain who is 24 years old was brought to the University Medical Centre in Las Vegas to undergo "precautionary investigations".

It's anticipated that Norris will recover in time for the final race of the season in Abu Dhabi, and McLaren is certain that the FIA's medical team will approve him for racing.

On Instagram, Norris shared that he had a difficult day and experienced a significant incident. Nevertheless, he stated that he's doing well and thanked everyone for their kind words. He also stated that he'll be back in action next weekend.

McLaren released a statement after the race where the driver expressed his disappointment saying: “Our weekend at the Las Vegas GP ended badly. During the restart, my car hit the ground, causing me to lose control of the rear and collide with the wall."

“The weekend didn't end as per our expectation. I would like to express my gratitude to the medical professionals who examined me and the team for working diligently on the car. We have a week to regroup and prepare for the season's climax in Abu Dhabi."

The primary concern for today is that Lando has not suffered any major injuries despite experiencing a frightening mishap in a highly rapid section of the track," mentioned Andrea Stella, who is the principal of the McLaren team.

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