PGA Championship delayed due to fatal accident near course


The commencement of the PGA Championship's second round got postponed because of a tragic incident near the vicinity of the field.

According to a declaration made by the PGA Championship, the beginning of the second round will be postponed due to a grave incident that has occurred in close proximity to the course.

At 12pm BST, we will have our upcoming update, and it will begin a minimum of one hour following its announcement.

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The initial batch was scheduled to leave at 12:15 pm British Summer Time, however, their departure will be postponed for at least an hour after the forthcoming report at noon.

Today's matches may be affected by bad weather conditions.

The Louisville Metro Police Department verified that there was a car crash near Valhalla Golf Club.

According to their authorized declaration, the LMPD reacted to a report of a vehicle accident involving a bus and a person on foot around 5:00 Eastern Time this morning. In the beginning stages of our examination, we discovered that a grown-up man was crossing Shelbyville Road from south to north when he was hit by a shuttle bus that was driving in the eastbound lane designated for buses.

Consequently, the person walking on foot got severely hurt and was declared dead at the location. The investigative unit for traffic in the LMPD is looking into the matter.

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