Tina Knowles defends daughter Beyoncé against allegations of skin lightening


Tina Knowles has used social media to stand up for her daughter Beyoncé amidst accusations that she deliberately made her skin look lighter for the debut of her latest concert documentary.

Last 25 November, the 42-year-old music sensation graced the debut of Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé on the “chrome carpet”. She was dressed in a silver ensemble, complete with a platinum-blond hairdo. Following this occasion, several pictures surfaced online, sparking allegations that Beyoncé used skin and hair lightening techniques to make herself seem "whiter."

On Instagram, Knowles shared a lengthy message where they condemned the criticism due to its promotion of racism, sexism and unequal treatment.

Today, I stumbled upon something that I felt compelled to share. I noticed a lot of ridiculous, uninformed, and hateful remarks about a certain celebrity. People were commenting on her appearance, suggesting that she had lightened her skin and donned platinum hair in order to appear white. It was disheartening to see such ignorance and racism on display. Therefore, I felt it was important to shed light on this issue and highlight the absurdity of these comments. To do so, I created a post that includes video footage from the celebrity's premiere, as well as screenshots of some of the offensive comments that were made online.

Knowles pointed out that the premiere had a silver theme, and everyone was told to dress appropriately for the occasion. However, some individuals decided to make baseless assumptions that Beyonce was trying to appear white by lightening her skin.

It's really unfortunate that some individuals from her own community are still promoting an ignorant storyline fueled by animosity and envy. Obviously, she sported silver locks to complement her silver outfit, which was a conscious style choice on her part.

Knowles was also very angry with a white female journalist from a certain media organization. She had contacted Beyoncé's hairstylist to get a statement about the rumors alleging that Beyoncé wanted to be white.

"She really got me angry when she assumed she had the right to talk about her black identity," she shared, while also expressing her letdown towards certain Black individuals on social media who joined in the backlash. "It's disheartening to see people spreading lies and pretending that they don't know that Black women have been wearing platinum hair since the days of Etta James," she noted, alluding to the iconic Black singer who rose to fame in the 1950s.

Knowles finished by expressing her frustration with individuals who constantly criticize her daughter. According to her, every time her daughter achieves something through her hard work and showcases her skills and ability to persevere, there are always individuals ready to spew negativity. She firmly believes that this is due to jealousy and unfair biases surrounding race and gender. Instead of appreciating her daughter's success or simply choosing to look away if they are not fans, these "sad haters" propagate these negative attitudes and continue to perpetuate harmful societal problems. Ultimately, Knowles wishes that people would celebrate her daughter's achievements, rather than tearing her down.

"I'm done with you all," she declared. "I understand that she might be angry with me for speaking out, but I've reached my limit! This lady focuses on herself and does what she can to aid others. She actively supports and encourages disadvantaged black women and underdogs constantly."

Beyoncé's new movie, Renaissance, is set to debut across the globe starting on December 1st. The movie highlights the star's successful world tour, much like Taylor Swift's previous concert film, The Eras Tour. Renaissance will be exclusively available in AMC theaters. It's predicted to earn an impressive $30 to $40 million on its opening week worldwide.

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