Frenchy's Chicken owners: Beyoncé's love for Houston eatery stems from Third Ward roots


In Houston's Third Ward neighborhood, the aroma of fried chicken exquisitely flavored with spices permeates the air. On a Tuesday, residents frequently visit Frenchy's Chicken for a quick bite.

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The head of the family who started the nearby fast-food restaurant and also the CEO are currently in the building. They are having a great time laughing with loyal customers while a busy team is preparing delicious comfort food that was inspired by New Orleans. These recipes have been improved over a period of 50 years. Each person has a preferred side dish, whether it's the red beans, dirty rice, or the famous "Frenchy" fries.

It's certain that Beyoncé has a fondness for a specific type of Cajun cuisine. She explicitly expressed her admiration for it in her 2013 song dedicated to Houston, titled "I Been On (Remix)."

I have a recollection of my infants strands of hair intertwined with my tightly coiled braids from the brand Dookie. At the location of the renowned establishment Frenchy's, we indulged in the Cajun sausage delicacy known as boudin in the area designated for automobiles.

However, Frenchy's is not solely an enjoyable song or a delicious nostalgia from Houston. According to Ernest Ray Hunter II, the CEO of Frenchy's Companies, it is straightforwardly stated that "we are much more than just a poultry eatery."

A worker is laboring in the cooking area while customers gather at Frenchy's Chicken, which is a chain of restaurants based in Houston. This particular eatery garnered recognition in Beyoncé's highly successful movie "Renaissance" on December 12, 2023, in Houston, TX.

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Houston Learns Creole Traditions

On July 3, 1969, Percy Creuzot, also known as "Frenchy," established a restaurant. Its central location is in the Third Ward locality of Houston, the same neighborhood where Beyoncé was raised. Recently, it shifted to a new construction at 3602 Scott St. At present, the food joint possesses ten branches situated around the Houston region, and one that can be found several hours away to the north, specifically in Longview.

Frenchy, the creator, passed away in 2010 due to a stroke. However, Frenchy's spouse, Sallie Creuzot, and their offspring Percy "King" Creuzot, continue to honor his memory by preserving his legacy.

King shared that her father, Percy Creuzot Jr., arrived in Houston with the intention of bringing Creole cuisine to the area. He began his culinary journey by creating po'boy sandwiches under the name Frenchy's Po'Boy. However, with the encouragement of a friend, he eventually ventured into the world of fried chicken.

Sallie Creuzot, who is 96 years old, is the spouse of the creator of Frenchy's Chicken, which is a restaurant chain located in Houston. This establishment was given a special mention in Beyoncé's successful "Renaissance" movie. On December 12, 2023, Sallie was photographed in Houston, Texas for a portrait.

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Sallie, who is 96 years old, was involved in the creation of the recipe.

"We attempted to come up with a unique recipe," she stated. "I dedicated several years to perfecting it, but eventually, we managed to create it to our liking. Our clients were content with it, and it became a topic of discussion."

The confidential formula is still utilized currently and is probably the reason why Frenchy is recognized for having mouth-watering food.

If you're looking for a tasty meal, be sure to try the chicken, fried fish, and shrimp. They are all cooked to crispy perfection and taste great when paired with the zesty Frenchy's Gris Gris sauce. Customers strongly recommend adding a pickled jalapeño pepper for some extra flavor.

At Frenchy's Chicken, a restaurant chain located in Houston, TX, a chef has just placed some hot, crispy chicken onto a tray. This sight attracts hungry customers who are gathering to enjoy the delicious food. The restaurant was notably mentioned in Beyoncé's widely popular film "Renaissance".

Beyoncé cautioned her supporters to be cautious after mentioning Frenchy's in her "Renaissance" video.

As she took a bite from a delicious piece of fried chicken from Frenchy's, Beyonce expressed her need to leave the South as soon as possible as it poses a great risk. She also mentioned that there's no place like home.

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According to King, Beyoncé has been visiting Frenchy's restaurant from a very early age.

"I believe her fondness for Frenchy's extends past our delicious food," commented Frenchy's CEO, Hunter. "It seems to stem from her strong ties to her local area."

The business is proud to provide support to the community. It has a track record of helping local churches and collaborating with groups such as the NAACP, Urban League, and various other organizations.

Customers come together at Frenchy's Chicken, which is a chain of restaurants based in Houston, Texas. This restaurant chain got a mention in Beyoncé's hit movie "Renaissance". The gathering took place on December 12, 2023, in Houston, Texas.

Hunter expressed that their connection with the community is reciprocal. They are not just a separate entity, but are intertwined with the street and the people who call Third Ward their home.

Sallie became acquainted with Beyoncé and her relatives as they resided nearby to Sallie's offspring.

Certainly, they are extremely amicable folks. She stated that Beyoncé was an enchanting young girl. Presently, whenever she visits the locality, she always drops by at Frenchy's. The moment when she brought her small child, Blue Ivy, remains unforgettable to her. And now she observes her dance, it is truly marvelous.

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Although Beyoncé's calendar is full, she appears to find a way to prioritize a satiating dining experience.

At Frenchy's Chicken, a restaurant chain based in Houston, Quimeshia Thomas takes orders at the drive-thru window while cars queue up to satisfy their hunger. This eatery earned a noteworthy mention in Beyoncé's hit movie "Renaissance" and it's based in Houston, Texas. This all happened on December 12, 2023.

King stated that it's unpredictable whether or not she'll visit the restaurant in person or request delivery. However, he can confirm that whenever she's in Houston, she never fails to order from Frenchy's.

She shares her affection openly and generously. The notice she has garnered for the eatery throughout the years is valued.

King mentioned that Frenchy's has made a significant impact on them as they are constantly occupied, and there are individuals who haven't had the opportunity to visit Frenchy's before wanting to know more about it.

Hunter stated, "No matter if it's an article in Vogue or a film, it ignites the thrill about Frenchy's Chicken once again."

56-year-old Esther Jackson works as a customer service representative at Frenchy's Chicken, a restaurant chain based in Houston. The eatery got recognition in Beyoncé's popular movie, "Renaissance," which was released on December 12th, 2023, in Houston, Texas.

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Beyoncé is not the only one who frequents the place.

Sallie mentioned that they have been at this place for quite some time and have had the pleasure of serving many customers. Their experience with customers has been a long-standing affair, and they feel content when they see familiar faces.

Nieajua Gonzalez, studying at The Thurgood Marshall School of Law, frequently visits Frenchy's for lunch and has perfected her customary selection. Her advice to those who haven't experienced it yet is straightforward: "You absolutely must give it a try!"

She stated that she often visits Frenchy's during her study breaks. She finds it to be a great choice because it's close by, the food is delicious, and it gives her the energy she needs to tackle her studies. Additionally, the atmosphere is pleasant and provides a good balance before she resumes her studies.

Frenchy's Chicken is available for customers every day of the week. Remember to include the spicy sauce in your takeout bag!

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