Beyonce's mother Tina Knowles defends daughter against 'skin lightening' accusations at Renaissance film premiere


A recent incident where Beyonce was accused of lightening her skin for the premiere of her movie Renaissance has been defended by her mother, who deemed the accusations as "racist."

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Tina Knowles shared that she has come across some "foolish, uneducated, and self-loathing racist comments" regarding Beyonce for her choice of having lighter complexion and platinum hair, insinuating that she wants to be perceived as a white woman.

On Instagram, the mother of two expressed her frustration with people who have been attacking her because of her premiere look. Many critics have taken to social media to criticize her platinum blonde hair and silver corseted dress, which was across from a backdrop of glittery silver.

She strongly stated that the theme for the movie premiere was based on the color silver. This included aspects like silver hair, a silver carpet, and silver clothes. Additionally, she expressed her displeasure towards the critics and referred to them as "bozos".

She included: "It's really unfortunate that certain individuals from her own community are still spreading a negative and envious story."

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According to Ms Knowles, Beyonce would not be pleased with her decision to speak up, but she has reached her limit. Ms Knowles made a lengthy statement, which included a photo slideshow of her daughter and Beyonce's popular track from 2019 titled Brown Skin Girl.

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The author stated that Beyoncé's hairstylist was approached by a media outlet in the United States to comment on the accusations. This infuriated the author. They went on to say that each time Beyoncé accomplishes something through her dedication, talent, and persistence, negative individuals appear to criticize her. These individuals were referred to as "sad little haters" by the author.

According to Ms. Knowles, Beyonce not only provides assistance to others whenever possible, but also consistently uplifts and promotes both black women and individuals who may not have as much power or influence.

Beyonce's movie called Renaissance showcases the talented artist's journey across 39 different locations as she performed songs from her award-winning album that won her a Grammy in 2022. The film takes you through her stunning performances starting from Stockholm, Sweden up until the last show in Kansas City, Missouri. The movie features some of the most exciting moments of Beyonce's tour, caught on camera for you to enjoy.

The movie made its first appearance in Los Angeles last Saturday.

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