Beyoncé's mum hits out at 'racist' skin lightening comments


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Beyoncé performed 36 songs during her three-hour Renaissance worldwide tour, which featured a silver motif.

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Beyoncé's mother has condemned the "pathetic critics" who suggested that her skin appeared lighter during the premiere of her Renaissance film.

On Saturday, the singer showcased a new platinum blonde hairdo and donned a stunning silver dress whilst hitting the red carpet.

On various social platforms, a few people have condemned Beyoncé for transforming her looks and claimed that she appears "too white".

Tina Knowles came to the defense of her daughter on Instagram, posting a lengthy message condemning the remarks made and calling them out for their racist undertones.

Additionally, she expressed that those who make claims about Beyoncé bleaching her skin are unintelligent, lacking knowledge, and possess a negative view of themselves.

In her blog post, she expressed frustration over people misunderstanding the theme of her latest film, The Renaissance. The overall aesthetic was silver, including the hair, carpet, and clothing, but some individuals wrongly assumed she was trying to appear as a white woman and bleaching her skin.

Tina shared remarks together with a compilation of Beyoncé's footage, which also featured a snapshot from the premiere. The clips were put together with the famous singer's tune, Brown Skin Girl.

In 2019, Beyoncé put out the song as a contribution to the movie soundtrack for The Lion King: The Gift.

It celebrates being black and features her daughter, Blue Ivy, singing the words "girl with brown skin/ You've got skin like pearls/ The most amazing thing in the world".

On a show discussing the making of the movie, Beyoncé talked about how much the lyrics meant to her on a personal level.

She expressed that her motivation for creating music is the sight of fathers singing Brown Skin Girl to their daughters. It makes her feel gratified that her own daughter can also have equal opportunities and develop self-confidence, with no need to take her braids down or smooth out her afro. She is delighted that her daughter can showcase her beautiful brown skin just the way it is.

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On Instagram, Tina Knowles stood up for her daughter, shielding her from "unhappy and petty critics."

Tina uploaded a post on her Instagram account on Tuesday night, which has received over 250,000 likes as of now.

The 69-year-old lady also expressed her exhaustion with people criticizing her daughter. She wishes that people would instead appreciate her as a sibling or just disregard her if they don't appreciate her.

She acknowledged that Beyoncé might not be happy with her post, but expressed that she was tired of receiving criticism.

"This young lady focuses on her own affairs. She assists individuals to the best of her ability. She encourages and advocates for black women and disadvantaged individuals consistently," the author penned.

Beyoncé's Renaissance film, which documents her Grammy-award winning album's global tour, had a debut in Los Angeles over the weekend and will be released in movie theaters globally on Friday.

The record, which followed a lengthy hiatus of six years for the solo artist, was highly regarded for its innovative union of black and queer elements, and enjoyed immediate chart-topping success upon hitting stores.

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