Patsy Kensit reveals surprising game she played with Elizabeth Taylor

Patsy Kensit

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Patsy Kensit has shared that she and Dame Elizabeth Taylor tossed around the massive diamond ring that Richard Burton bestowed upon her.

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When she was only six years old, the actress from EastEnders acted as Dame Elizabeth Taylor's daughter in a movie named The Blue Bird. Kensit reminisced about her experience working with the famous film star - who passed away at the age of 79 in 2011 - and mentioned how Taylor viewed jewellery as mere playthings, tossing around her valuable 33 carat Krupp Diamond ring which is currently estimated to be worth £7.25 million.

What, How, & Why?

In 1975, a film called "The Blue Bird" was shot in Russia. The movie starred Patsy Kensit, Elizabeth Taylor, and Todd Lookinland, as shown in images from Getty.

Kensit appeared on The One Show to have a chat with Alex Jones and Anita Rani regarding her recently released movie A Gangster's Kiss. The comedy also features Joh Hannah, Sadie Frost, Martin Kemp, and Michelle Collins.

The performer, who began acting at the age of four, was questioned about her experience collaborating with Taylor on the 1975 movie shot in Russia.

Kensit shared: "She was amazing. She was extremely nice, kind-hearted, and made sure everyone was taken care of. She was a true symbol, which is frequently said today, but she unquestionably embodies it.

When I met her, she had this huge diamond from Richard Burton, the Krupp Diamond. I put it on myself, and then she asked me to play catch with her. She'd throw it at me and say "Catch!" while my mum watched in horror, fearing that I might lose it. However, she was a very playful person and for her, jewels were like toys.

What Else Went Down On The One Show?

Jools Holland joined the hosts on the couch and discussed his latest work. He chatted about the fresh season of his live music program, Later... with Jools Holland, as well as his new BBC Radio Three show, Earlier... with Jools Holland.

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The One Show can be watched on BBC One from Monday to Friday at 7pm.

The publication date for A Gangster's Kiss is set to happen on Monday, June 24th, 2024.

The next episode of Later... with Jools Holland will be shown on BBC Two at 9.55pm on Saturday 15 June. You can catch the earlier show, Earlier... with Jools Holland, on BBC Radio Three at 12pm on Saturdays.

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