Why Mbappé is finally leaving PSG for Real Madrid: Piecing together football's longest transfer saga


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The beginning of the end for the biggest and longest-running transfer saga in recent years happened last week. Kylian Mbappé informed Paris Saint-Germain that he intends to depart the club when his contract ends this summer. This is a major move in the direction of the famous forward's dream of joining Real Madrid, the team that has been trying to acquire him for quite some time.

If you have a strange sense of déjà vu, you are correct: Mbappé had the opportunity to pick Real Madrid as his team before he ultimately signed with PSG back in 2017. Madrid made a number of offers to bring the young star on board during the summer of 2021 but was ultimately turned down by PSG. Even in 2022, it seemed like everything was set for Mbappé to sign with Madrid as a free agent, with even the player himself expressing interest, until PSG changed his mind and made him renew his current contract.

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In June, Mbappé announced that he would not be renewing his contract, which suggested that he would be available in 2024. This news gave Madrid some hope of signing him, but Mbappé did not leave Paris. As a result, people continued to speculate about his future for several months. However, on February 3, ESPN reported that Mbappé was finally ready to confirm his departure, with Madrid being the most probable destination.

Madrid is currently in negotiations with Mbappé, and the club is feeling positive about reaching an agreement in the near future. In the meantime, ESPN is analyzing the choices that the player has made over the past few months to determine how his decision will impact Mbappé, Real Madrid, and PSG.

Mbappé’s Insight: Making His Decision

It may seem like a straightforward choice when looking at it in written form.

Mbappé was born in the city of Paris and has played for Paris Saint-Germain for seven seasons. He triumphed in France's top league, Ligue 1, on a number of occasions and strove to lead his team to victory in the Champions League. The closest they ever got to it was in 2020 when they were defeated by Bayern Munich in the final. He performed so well for PSG that he broke a plethora of individual club records, even surpassing icons like Pedro Miguel Pauleta, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and Edison Cavani as the club's top scorer with 244 goals (as of Feb. 20). Now, at the age of 25, he will join Real Madrid, the world's biggest club, which has been eager to sign him since he was just 11 years old, as a free agent.

Seems simple, doesn't it? However, it's not quite so effortless if you're Mbappé or someone from his family.

Kylian and his family call Paris their home and he loves playing for PSG. He joined the team in 2017 and has grown into the talented player he is today. However, there has been some tension between Kylian's family and the club's management. Recently, the club dropped Kylian from the first team for two weeks and excluded him from the preseason tour after he expressed that he would not be activating the option for a third season in his contract. The situation was so serious that the French players' union even stepped in to support Kylian.

According to a source who is knowledgeable about the matter, dealing with Kylian was quite challenging due to his high level of intellect, determination to emerge victorious, and desire to shine. On occasion, there were disputes between the influential persons at the club, one of whom is Kylian.

It was common for there to be friction: Mbappé and former sporting director Leonardo did not have a good relationship, while PSG consistently failed to succeed in Europe, despite the ample resources available to Leonardo. Leonardo, in turn, pointed fingers at Mbappé and suggested in a 2023 interview that PSG could win the Champions League without him, just one year after he departed from the club.

Mbappé had some disagreements with the club president, Nasser Al-Khelaifi. Much of their conflict had to do with Mbappé's contract situation. In June 2023, Mbappé informed the club that he wouldn't sign another deal, prompting PSG to publicly declare they would consider offers. During the debut of their new manager, Luis Enrique, in July of that same year, Al-Khelaifi spoke candidly about their position on Mbappé: "I don't want to repeat it every time: if Kylian wants to stay, we want him to stay. But he needs to sign a new contract ... We can't let the best player in the world leave for free. This club is in France."

Mbappé has declared that he has no intention of departing without receiving payment. If he chooses to reassess his position now, it is not my responsibility. Our objective is to retain the world's finest athlete while not risking a cost-free loss, which is unmistakably apparent.

The article discusses a relationship that hasn't always been easy, but the person is content being at Parc des Princes. Additionally, the person's 17-year-old brother, Ethan, had his first professional appearance this year and is predicted to join the main team next season while also soon agreeing to a new contract.

Kylian Mbappé's life in Paris is going well. He has his extended family around, which allows him to witness the growth of his niece and nephew. Moreover, he has two of his top football buddies, Achraf Hakimi and Ousmane Dembélé, who are playing alongside him in PSG's first-team.

Last week, Mbappé met with Al-Khelaifi and informed him of his decision to leave the club. Mbappé requested that Al-Khelaifi not try to convince him otherwise. In the past, Al-Khelaifi convinced Mbappé to stay by granting him decision-making power at the club. This included replacing the sporting director and being a part of transfer discussions. Mbappé was also made the club's penalty-taker instead of Neymar.

Basically, France took center stage in the club's operations, and he received the largest contract ever offered in European football.

This time, there was no room for emotions. The famous French person didn't want to complicate things with feelings because it would have made the decision-making process more difficult. "He explicitly stated that there would be no turning back this time. He had already made up his mind and it was the ideal choice at the perfect moment. There was no possibility of changing his mind," confirmed another insider.

Ultimately, Mbappé's desire to join Real Madrid was rooted in his passion for the club's rich history. Throughout his life, he had dreamed of donning the iconic white jersey and playing at the legendary Bernabeu stadium. Now, he felt that the timing was just right to make that dream a reality. This wasn't the first time that Mbappé had considered a move to Madrid, however. Two years earlier, he had been in talks with the club while on the verge of leaving PSG. Three years ago, Real Madrid had made a huge €160 million offer to sign him, but PSG had declined the deal because he still had one year left on his contract.

In 2017, things weren't great either. AS Monaco agreed to sell him to Madrid for €150m without his knowledge, but he refused to move there. Similarly, when he was 11, he trained with their U12 team but decided to stay with AS Bondy instead.

The present moment is definitely appropriate. Kylian's skills surpass Ligue 1, and PSG has faced shortcomings in European competitions over time. Kylian hopes to win the Champions League multiple times. However, during his tenure at the club, PSG has only advanced beyond the round of 16 twice. This happened even though he had famous teammates such as Mbappé and Lionel Messi.

Mbappé has his eyes set on winning the Ballon d'Or title multiple times, not just once. He almost clinched it in 2023, where he was just behind Lionel Messi and Erling Haaland and finished third. Joining Real Madrid will provide him with more opportunities to fulfill his dream, with the likes of Vinicius Junior and Jude Bellingham playing alongside him on the field. Furthermore, he will have Carlo Ancelotti as the manager, guiding him from the touchline.

Fayza, Mbappé's mother, lawyers, PSG, and Real Madrid are still in talks about Mbappé's departure and his contract terms as he moves to Real Madrid. Sources reported to ESPN that Mbappé is thrilled about the move and that he is recalling his Spanish language skills he learned in school and practiced speaking with Spaniards and South Americans in his teams. Mbappé is eager to use his Spanish skills for his upcoming unveiling at the Bernabeu, which seems to be just around the corner.

What's Next For PSG After Mbappé?

A couple of years ago, Mbappé made a choice to continue with PSG and agreed to a fresh contract. He pushed for a "2+1 agreement" meaning he would be guaranteed two years but had the option to add a third year if he decided. Only he could activate the third year. The club recognized that not having complete control of the third year could be problematic. The club's desire was to prove to Mbappé that extending his stay would be beneficial during the first two years.

According to an insider at ESPN, it was widely believed that we would end up in our current situation.

During this time, PSG took measures to get ready for when Mbappé eventually leaves, and they weren't unexpected. When Mbappé let the club know he wouldn't be activating his option year last summer, PSG made two plans. The first was to keep Mbappé and structure the team around him, while the second was to prepare for his departure and use the funds to find a replacement.

The implementation of Plan B had already taken place long before Mbappé formally informed PSG of his intention to leave. An insider revealed that Luis Campos, the team's sporting director and a trusted individual within Mbappé's inner circle that had advocated for his arrival to the squad two years ago, had prior knowledge of the young star's verdict. This allowed him enough time to plan for the future without Mbappé.

According to sources from ESPN, if a team wishes to match the 2018 World Cup champion's level of reputation, skill, influence, and financial benefits, they would likely require three players at the very least. Although there are numerous contenders, five players are ranking higher than the others. These players include Rafael Leão (Milan) and Victor Osimhen (Napoli), who are forwards, midfielders Bruno Guimarães (Newcastle United) and Bernardo Silva (Manchester City), and lastly defender Leny Yoro (Lille).

The soccer club has a lot of money to spend on new players during the summer transfer window, which is open from July to September 1. They might have up to €300m to spend, considering the money they already have and the money they'll save from Mbappé leaving. Osimhen and Leao both have a release clause of €130m, while Bruno's is around €100m and Silva and Yoro might cost around €40m and €50m. It's unlikely that PSG will be able to sign all five of these players at once, but Osimhen is a great striker and Leao is a talented left-winger. Yoro, who is only 18 years old, is considered one of the most promising young defenders. Guimaraes is a Brazilian national team player and Silva, who is turning 30 in August, has won many titles with Manchester City.

The roster shows that PSG has high aspirations. They'll also benefit greatly from the return of midfielder Xavi Simons after his fruitful stint on loan with RB Leipzig.

Luis Enrique, the manager of PSG, can create something remarkable in the French capital even without Mbappé. Although Mbappé had an exceptional seven-year term with the team, life goes on and there are still reasons to be positive about the future.

Real Madrid's Acquisition Success

Real Madrid has been pursuing Mbappé for years, and their persistence has finally paid off. The talented player is now ready to leave Paris and join the Spanish team. This marks an exciting time for Real Madrid, as they are close to completing their new Santiago Bernabeu stadium. The timing couldn't be better, as Mbappé is set to lead the team to new heights. It took a lot of patience, but it seems like it was all worth it for Real Madrid in the end.

It's been a bit of a journey, but the timing couldn't be more perfect.

The Real Madrid team is already being refreshed on the field. Young players like Jude Bellingham, Vinícius Júnior, Rodrygo, Eduardo Camavinga, and Aurélien Tchouaméni are now at the center of the team and have their best years ahead of them. Mbappé will also be a valuable leader in the team. Madrid is currently the strongest team in Spain, with a six-point lead in LaLiga. If they acquire Mbappé, they have a great chance of remaining dominant for a long time.

Could Mbappe joining Real Madrid harm LaLiga's competitiveness? There has been a lot of speculation surrounding Paris Saint-Germain star Kylian Mbappe and a potential move to Spanish giants Real Madrid. The 22-year-old Frenchman has become one of the world's most sought-after football players, with his incredible talent and potential attracting interest from top clubs across Europe. It's no secret that Real Madrid have been long-time admirers of Mbappe, with reports suggesting that they could be preparing a huge bid to secure his services in the upcoming transfer window. However, with the likes of Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, and Sevilla also competing in LaLiga, some fans and pundits are worried that Mbappe's move could spell the end of the league's competitiveness. While there's no doubt that adding Mbappe to an already formidable Real Madrid squad would increase their chances of success, it's important to remember that LaLiga is home to some of the world's best football teams and players. Even without Mbappe, the league is fiercely competitive, with every match posing a new challenge for the teams involved. Furthermore, the addition of a player like Mbappe could actually benefit LaLiga's overall competitiveness. As other teams work to strengthen and compete with Real Madrid, the league as a whole could see a rise in quality and excitement. Ultimately, it's impossible to predict exactly what impact Mbappe's Real Madrid move could have on LaLiga's competitiveness. However, it's important to remember that the league is always evolving and changing, and that even the biggest signings can't guarantee a team's success.

Kylian Mbappe's expected transfer to Real Madrid is good for the team, but what impact will it have on the competition in LaLiga?

The striker is about to become a part of a special group - athletes who refused Real Madrid but later joined the team anyway. This shows how eager the club, and its leader Florentino Perez, were to get him on their side. It was one thing to decline Madrid when he was at Monaco, but the fact that he didn't try harder to get away from PSG over the years, including a sudden and intense change of mind in 2022, wounded the team's self-respect.

After the recent rejection, some people in the club suggested that Madrid should give up on Mbappé. However, the truth is that this player is too exceptional to abandon. Especially considering Madrid's need for an elite forward since Benzema left in 2023. This season, they have managed well without one. Vinicius, Rodrygo, Bellingham, Joselu, and Brahim Diaz have all provided a total of 43 league goals. But, for a club like Madrid, it is vital to have a player like Mbappé or Haaland to achieve their ambitious goals on multiple fronts in the long term.

Madrid was determined not to repeat the same mistakes they made in 2022 with the Mbappé situation. They dragged their feet until May, and Mbappé eventually signed with PSG. Real Madrid is now in a stronger position, as they have progressed and impressed since then. When they offered Mbappé a contract last month, they believed he would accept and didn't need to persuade him much. Mbappé knows the value of playing for Real Madrid and what it can do for his career. The team's current shape makes them even more attractive than before, and there will be no sudden changes of plans this time around.

Once the final details of Mbappé's contract with Madrid have been agreed upon, the next step will be planning and announcing the deal. Madrid can then start preparing for a grand player presentation this summer, which may be their most significant reveal since the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo in 2009, given Mbappé's position as the world's finest player. Recent presentations, including Bellingham's, have taken place privately at the training ground, owing to construction work at the Bernabeu. For Mbappé, Madrid may be tempted to unveil him at the stadium in front of a crowd similar to the 85,000 who greeted Ronaldo 15 years ago. Following this, the actual process of integrating Mbappé into the Real Madrid squad will begin.

There are individuals who have raised concerns about the coexistence of Mbappé and Vinicius Junior in the same starting lineup, as Bellingham is one of Madrid's biggest stars. It is a valid point that both players usually play as forwards on the left-hand side of the field, but their coach Carlo Ancelotti has been making an effort to diversify Vini Jr's gameplay this year. Ancelotti has instructed Vini Jr to spend more time in condensed areas on the inside, acting as part of a two-man front.

There's an option to solve this. Recently, Ancelotti chose to play Vinicius and Rodrygo on the wings, staying close to the sidelines, allowing Bellingham to play in the middle. This creates a formation with three forwards, which would be perfect for Mbappe to play in any of those positions.

Everyone knows that they will do everything possible to make sure Mbappé and Vini Jr are treated well because they're really good players. The problem is with Rodrygo, who is 23 and hasn't reached his full potential yet. He has been frustrated with how much he gets to play, and this could get worse if Mbappé comes to the team.

Brahim Diaz may have less chances to play, despite performing well as a backup this season. Additionally, with Endrick joining in the summer, there may be even more competition for spots. However, having too many talented attackers is a good problem to have, and Ancelotti is definitely capable of managing it successfully.

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