Why is Kylian Mbappe wearing a mask for France against Belgium at Euro 2024?


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The leader of the France team, Kylian Mbappe, will be seen wearing a face covering for the remainder of Euro 2024 as he suffered a nose injury during their first game against Austria.

Mbappe - Figure 1
Photo The Independent

The top forward player was left with blood all over him after getting a bad injury when his face crashed into the shoulder of Austria's defender Kevin Danso. He had to leave the stadium in an ambulance afterwards.

After further tests, it was determined that Mbappe did not need surgery right away. He was able to get back to training just two days later, wearing a special protective covering in the colors of the French flag. This eased worries that he would have to sit out of the tournament.

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Mbappe - Figure 2
Photo The Independent

The 25-year-old shared a message on his Instagram stating that taking risks is necessary in order to achieve success. This strongly suggests that he is willing to play despite his broken nose. He has also mentioned his dislike for playing with a mask on, but he is wearing it again as he leads his team in the last-16 match against Belgium in Dusseldorf.

Mbappe did not play in the game against the Netherlands, but the coach, Didier Deschamps, wanted him to play in the next game against Poland. Mbappe ended up scoring a penalty in that game, which ended in a 1-1 draw.

Mbappe - Figure 3
Photo The Independent

The striker played in a friendly game before that as well, scoring two goals against the Paderborn under-21 team while wearing his protective mask. This was his first official game since injuring his nose.

France immediately started making a plan when they realized the severity of Mbappe's injury. The player who won the golden boot during the 2022 World Cup is essential to their chances of winning the Euros.

The mask with the colors of the French flag (blue, white, and red) was not allowed because of Uefa regulations that require any medical equipment worn during games to be one solid color and not reveal the team or brand.

Mbappe - Figure 4
Photo The Independent

Mbappe suffered a broken nose after colliding with Austria defender Danso's shoulder. Blood flowed from his nose, which was greatly swollen, staining his white France jersey red.

The injury cast a shadow over France's victory against Austria in Dusseldorf. Mbappe, who received a yellow card for returning to the field after receiving treatment, was immediately taken to the hospital after the game.

The newest player on Real Madrid made a playful comment about his injury on social media, requesting suggestions from his followers for different types of masks.

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