Kylian Mbappe to Real Madrid: French forward to be announced this week and receive £85m bonus after leaving PSG


It is anticipated that Real Madrid will announce the acquisition of Kylian Mbappe in the coming days. Additionally, Mbappe is set to receive a generous signing bonus in excess of £85m (€100m).

A young individual of 25 years old, who managed to score 256 goals in 308 games for PSG, will soon be signing a contract at Santiago Bernabeu. The duration of the contract is expected to be five years and the salary will amount to £12.8m or €15m each year after tax.

Real Madrid will distribute the signing-on bonus in several payments during the player's tenure with the team.

Real Madrid has had a keen interest in Mbappe for a while now. They even attempted to acquire him in 2022. However, the French forward decided to commit to a fresh two-year contract at the Parc des Princes, which has now lapsed.

Mbappe declined to trigger the one-year extension in his PSG contract, giving him the opportunity to depart without any transfer fee, after joining the French club for a hefty price tag of £166m just six years ago.

The Santiago Bernabeu has welcomed the arrival of the World Cup champion, who agreed to a salary reduction. In his last season with PSG, Mbappe was earning €75m (£63.9m) before taxes and was entitled to a €30m-a-year (£25.6m) signing bonus.

Mbappe leaving has given PSG the chance to save a minimum of €220m (£187.5m) in expenses.

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Mbappe To Real: Spain's View

During an interview with Sky Sports News, Semra Hunter, a journalist who covers football in Spain, spoke about a variety of topics pertaining to the sport.

People are feeling a sense of relief now that it's all done. Mbappe and Real Madrid are finally joining forces, and hopefully they'll have a smooth and peaceful partnership.

This ongoing story has lasted for such a lengthy period that every summer it was always the topic of discussion: 'Will he arrive this summer once and for all?'

It was not a surprise to anyone that Mbappe would eventually join Real Madrid. The only question was when it would happen.

Real Madrid has been attempting to secure his talent for several years. The quest to bring him on board started when he was just 11 years old, and he even tried out for the Under-12s team. However, he didn't end up staying with the club because his parents believed he would benefit more from staying in France to mature and improve his skills.

Back in 2017 was the initial occasion they expressed interest in him while he was in Monaco. However, their efforts were unsuccessful due to PSG interfering and stealing the opportunity. Since then, they have had sporadic discussions about this matter for the past seven years. But this time, it appears to be a legitimate agreement that will take place.

However, some people are feeling slightly anxious about the recent deal. This is due to the fact that in 2022, Real Madrid was convinced that the player in question was going to join their team but he unexpectedly chose to stay in Paris. This decision caused a large number of Madrid fans to feel extremely distraught, let down and even infuriated. It also caused disappointment for some individuals within the club itself.

Mbappe's Role In Real Madrid: Where Does He Fit?

As per Sky Sports News, Semra Hunter, a journalist specializing in Spanish soccer, stated the following:

In the end, the decision will rely on Carlo Ancelotti's preferred tactics.

Of course, there is a hierarchy in some way, however naturally, you will choose to cooperate with your most skilled players available.

Assuming that Ancelotti will maintain a 4-4-2 formation in the upcoming season, we can expect Jude Bellingham to play a crucial role in the midfield diamond. However, it's worth noting that Bellingham has the ability to perform any task on the field with his versatile skillset.

So, Vinicius and Mbappe could team up in a dual-frontal attack, similar to what Vinicius and Rodrygo have been doing so far this season. Vinicius has been absolutely owning the left side - it's definitely his sweet spot. Meanwhile, Rodrygo brings a bit more versatility to the table - he's comfortable playing on either side, or even in a central attacking role.

There are numerous possibilities. One of them involves utilizing a 4-3-3 formation with Mbappe operating in the center, flanked by Vinicius and Rodrygo. However, this would necessitate forfeiting one of their midfielders, and considering their overwhelming depth, such a tactic is unlikely to be employed frequently.

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