Kylian Mbappe: PSG striker announces he will leave the French champions at end of season


Kylian Mbappe, the French forward, has announced that he plans to depart from Paris St-Germain when the current season concludes.

In a video that he posted on his social media accounts, Mbappe, who is currently 25 years old, made this announcement.

Mbappe stated that he had always made it known that he would communicate with the individual in question when the appropriate time arose.

This is my final year playing for Paris St-Germain. I will not be prolonging my stay and my time with the team will conclude in just a few weeks.

Mbappe's current contract with PSG will end in June and according to BBC Sport's report in February, it seems that he has agreed to join Real Madrid during the upcoming summer period.

PSG's all-time leading scorer with a total of 255 goals, who also happens to be the winner of the World Cup, will be participating in his final home game at the Parc des Princes in Ligue 1 against Toulouse. This match is scheduled for Sunday at 8:00 PM British Standard Time.

Later on, PSG will be playing matches away from their home stadium. First, they will play against Nice on the 15th of May, followed by a game against Metz on the 19th of May. Their last match will be the French Cup final against Lyon, which will take place on the 25th of May in the Stade Pierre-Mauroy in Lille.

Mbappe, originally from Paris, transferred to PSG from Monaco for a whopping £165.7m in August 2017. He mentioned that the team was instrumental in his development, both in terms of his skills as a player and his personal growth as an individual.

He said: "It's filled with so much feelings. For many years, I had the opportunity and privilege to belong to the largest French club, which is one of the top clubs globally."

Thanks to this opportunity, I was able to make it here and participate in my first high-pressure club experience. Besides, it helped me develop my skills as a player because I was surrounded by legendary figures and some of the greatest champions the sport has ever seen.

"It's tough and I never anticipated that it would be this challenging to make this declaration. However, I believe that this is what I needed, a fresh obstacle, following seven years."

Mbappe was prepared to depart from PSG without a transfer fee at the conclusion of the 2021-22 season, but instead decided to prolong his stay by signing a contract for two years, and with the possibility of another year being added.

Nonetheless, Mbappe informed PSG that he would not consent to the extra 12 months in the arrangement. Consequently, he was not given the opportunity to participate in their pre-season voyage to Japan in July of the same year.

Afterwards, he declined the opportunity to have a meeting with Al-Hilal, who offered an astonishing £259 million, setting a new world record for player transfer fee.

After PSG stated that they had engaged in "very positive and productive" discussions, he eventually resumed practicing with the main team.

On the 13th of February, Mbappe had a meeting with Nasser Al-Khelaifi, the president of PSG, during which he revealed that he would be leaving the team and transferring to Real.

People were expecting Mbappe to disclose his future plans once it became clear that PSG would not face Real Madrid in this season's Champions League.

Earlier this week, Borussia Dortmund won against PSG with a 2-0 aggregate score in the semi-finals. Unfortunately, Mbappe didn't play very well in either leg of the match and wasn't able to make much of an impact.

In his video message, Mbappe admitted that he is not the type of player who shows a lot of emotions and also mentioned that he may not have always met the expectations of his supporters at PSG, despite the love they have shown him.

PSG is a team that always provokes emotion. People can either adore it or despise it, and I have chosen to adore it for seven years," declared Mbappe.

I have no remorse whatsoever for my decision to join this high-status club. It will forever be remembered and cherished in my memories.

According to sources at BBC Sport, Mbappe is reportedly on the verge of finalizing a contract with Real that will last for five years.

He's going to receive a hefty annual income of £12.8m (which is equal to 15m euros), and on top of that, there's a signing-on bonus of £128m (that's 150m euros) that will be paid out over five years.

He will retain a portion of his ownership of his personal image.

Carlo Ancelotti, the legitimate manager of La Liga team, has already formulated a plan for how he will incorporate Mbappe into his squad after the talented player guided them to the Champions League finals at Wembley this season.

Jude Bellingham, a midfielder from England, is taking up a position closer to their own goal, while Vinicius Jr from Brazil is opting to play on the left side of the field, and Mbappe is situated towards the left of the center position.

Should Luka Modric, the midfielder from Croatia, depart in the upcoming summer, it would result in Kylian Mbappe taking ownership of the number 10 jersey he presently sports on the French team.

Mbappe said that the PSG team will be in very capable hands even after he leaves.

He mentioned that there are fervent fans who genuinely care about safeguarding and enhancing the club, regardless of any potential external issues that may arise. This is positively fantastic.

I have decided to stop playing, but I will still be an avid spectator for every game. Throughout the seven years, I always aimed to present the best possible version of myself.

Next week, be sure to tune in to iPlayer for an exclusive documentary on Mbappe. Additionally, if you're interested in discovering more unknown tales about the athlete, simply search for Mbappe on Sounds.

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