Lulu says she doesn’t speak, let alone ‘shout’, before noon


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Lulu, a Scottish pop vocalist, is about to begin her last tour. However, don't anticipate hearing anything from her until after noon.

Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie, who is a singer, actor and TV personality, gained popularity when she was only 15 years old by singing a cover of the Isley Brothers song "Shout" in the 1960s. She has had a successful career which includes many hit songs, a victory at Eurovision, and even singing a James Bond theme.

Lulu's final tour has been named "Champagne for Lulu", which is inspired by a popular quote by Eddie, a character played by Jennifer Saunders in a TV show called Absolutely Fabulous. Lulu had a guest appearance on the episode where the quote was made.

Lulu is set to perform in Aberdeen, Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, and London this month and will be accompanied by her "special friends." She recently divulged that she is very attentive to her performances and intends to rest her voice until the afternoon before each show.

When she was interviewed by the BBC, she stated that she does not speak prior to midday. She acknowledged that some people may believe she is not telling the truth, but assured them that she practices great self-control and maintains this routine.

I train my vocal cords regularly, and I am conscious of what I consume. When touring, I refrain from speaking until noon. This isn't a big deal for me as I have gone weeks without speaking at all.

Even if there is someone who provokes a strong reaction from her, causing her to feel like shouting, Lulu will refrain from speaking above a whisper before noon on days when she has a show.

The well-known Scottish vocalist Lulu is setting out on her final tour.

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She shared that she usually stays in her room until noon to take care of her voice. This makes it simpler for her to focus and maintain her instrument, which helps her to sing better.

Lulu appears to have become contemplative with her upcoming tour, revealing thoughts on her experience at the 1969 Eurovision contest where she won first place in a split decision alongside France, Spain, and the Netherlands due to her outstanding delivery of "Boom Bang-a-Bang".

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After a period of five years, she sang "The Man With the Golden Gun" for the Bond movie that goes by the same name. The movie featured Roger Moore in his second appearance as the legendary secret agent, 007.

Looking back at her career that has lasted for seventy years, Lulu admitted that she had never anticipated reaching this point.

After tying for first place in the 1969 Eurovision competition, Lulu proudly posed with her trophy.

Honestly, if someone had told me at the age of 15 that I would be embarking on a final tour at 75, I would have thought they were joking.

In my opinion, reaching the age of 75 is quite an accomplishment, especially if an individual is able to continue singing at that point in their life.

During her interview, Lulu expressed her intention to continue pursuing her passion for singing and making music. Additionally, she revealed her desire to further explore her acting talents following her recent performance in the 2024 comedy film, Arthur's Whisky, alongside Diane Keaton, Patricia Hodge, and Adil Ray.

In 2015, Making Life Rhyme, her most recent collection of recorded songs, was unleashed upon the public and received favorable criticisms.

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