Lulu: I don't speak before 12 noon. I'm not lying


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Lulu is an individual who enjoys engaging in conversations.

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Lulu likes to keep her phone close, even wearing it as a fashion accessory on a chain around her neck. Just before our interview with her, Sir Elton used the same phone to video call her. Lulu had a lot to say, so our interview ended up being 15 minutes longer than planned.

However, an unexpected discovery unfolds when she reveals, "I refrain from speaking until midday. I comprehend why you may perceive it as untrue," she chuckles. "Nevertheless, it's factual. I practice strict self-discipline."

She is talking about her rigorous routine while on tour, which implies that she cannot even speak softly, let alone yell, prior to noon during performance days.

I attempt to avoid leaving my room before noon as it simplifies things. I look after my musical equipment, which enables me to perform vocals.

After performing on stage for seven decades, Lulu is embarking on her final tour this Saturday.

A premature instance of Lulu endeavoring to reignite her passion.

It has been precisely 60 years since Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie exchanged her four names for four letters to become Lulu. Her first track, Shout, propelled the 15-year-old from her Glasgow apartment and into the music charts.

Not many singers have kickstarted their careers with a single word, but Lulu is an exception with her iconic "Weh-yeh-yeh-ell-ay-oh-ah-ellll" war cry. It's a significant moment that truly defines her as an artist.

Before embarking on their final tour, the sisters are currently rehearsing their vocals in a basement rehearsal space located in the quaint area of Little Venice in London. The sound reverberates throughout the room, resonating in every corner.

Honestly, if someone had told me when I was 15 that I would be going on a final tour at the age of 75, I would have thought they were kidding.

Lulu expressed that it can feel like you require an entire army to embark on a tour, and she no longer desires to continue in this manner. She was forced to cancel over 30 dates for her 2023 UK tour due to the ongoing consequences of long Covid.

Jennifer Saunders played the character Eddie in the BBC Comedy Absolutely Fabulous and described her occupation as "PR-ing" various things, including people, locations, ideas, and even Lulu.

Lulu has named her upcoming tour, which will showcase her most popular songs, a "celebration". The tour has been titled Champagne for Lulu, inspired by a remark made by Eddie (Jennifer Saunders) during Lulu's cameo appearance in an episode of the TV series Absolutely Fabulous.

The vocalist has expressed that she will have the company of individuals that are dear to her during the upcoming performance.

Considering how many times she's attended Take That concerts and sung along to "Relight My Fire" over the years, it would be quite shocking if she hasn't called Gary Barlow at least once.

Lulu's continuous success is evident as her top-charting song with Take That was released 31 years ago, during the earlier stages of her professional journey.

Lulu recalls that they showed a great deal of respect, that's the impression she got.

Since they were in their teenage years while I was in my 40s, it was inevitable. However, I have undergone numerous transformations throughout my life, and that was a significant shift.

"Iconic Musical Moments: Bond, Bowie, And Boom Bang-a-Bang"

Undoubtedly, there have been numerous noteworthy moments in Lulu's history throughout the last six decades.

Back in 1967, she was not just in a movie with Sidney Poitier called To Sir With Love, but also sang the theme song. The song was so popular in the US that it became number one on the charts. She became the first Scottish person to achieve this as a solo singer. Since then, Sheena Easton and Lewis Capaldi are the only Scottish singers who have been able to do the same thing.

Lulu expresses her fondness for Lewis with great enthusiasm. Her grandson Teddy also shares the same admiration. Lulu reveals that she likes Lewis more than people may realize and even playfully suggests a duet.

In 1969, Lulu was declared as one of the winners of the Eurovision Song Contest along with France, Netherlands, and Spain, resulting in a four-way tie.

In the year 1969, she emerged as the winner of Eurovision with her song Boom Bang-a-Bang. After that, she refrained from performing the song for many years. However, it has now made a comeback and has found a place in her set-list once again.

"I always tell my fans that it wasn't me who picked the song, it was all your decision," she chuckles. She's talking about the fact that Boom Bang-a-Bang was chosen out of six different tracks that she sang on her BBC television program.

Here's an intriguing fact - the song that received the lowest score in the audience poll was "I Can't Go On," authored by Elton John and Bernie Taupin, who were both relatively unknown at the time.

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The movie The Man With the Golden Gun from the Bond series featured Roger Moore as the lead, and the singer Lulu performed the theme song.

Do you know which Eurovision champion has also recorded a song for James Bond? Well, that person is none other than Lulu. She was able to secure the spot to sing "The Man with the Golden Gun" for the Bond film in 1974, beating out Alice Cooper for the job.

She has a great interest in being a part of the Bond saga and anticipates Christopher Nolan directing one of the movies later on.

Regarding who would make a good replacement for Bond, Lulu supports Jack Lowden, popular for his roles in Slow Horses and Dunkirk. According to her, he is a great choice because he comes from Scotland and this would bring back some of the original Bond magic that Sean Connery brought to the screen.

Lulu made a comeback on the music charts the same year she participated in Bond. She collaborated with David Bowie, who not only produced the song but also played the saxophone and provided backing vocals for her rendition of The Man Who Sold the World.

The photograph originates from Mirrorpix/Getty Images.

In 1973, David Bowie was photographed alongside Lulu.

Lulu nostalgically recalls how Bowie was a significant event in her life.

"He produced that one song and we had bigger plans. We had intentions of putting together a whole album, so I traveled to New York and recorded a few tracks."

David and I were on different paths in our lives. He was located in one place and I was occupied with my television show in another area. Unfortunately, our plans to collaborate did not come into fruition. It's not because we didn't have the desire to work together.

Out of nowhere, it seems like Lulu is taken back in time to a recording studio located in the heart of New York City during the mid-1970s. In this moment, she loudly sings the chorus of "Can You Hear Me?" which is a track from David Bowie's album "Young Americans."

"That's a song I collaborated with him on, but unfortunately, it got lost during his transition to a new management team. His entire life underwent a transformation during this time."

Learn From Lulu's Life

As someone who has been in the public eye for her entire adult life, I am curious to find out what Lulu thinks she has discovered about celebrity status throughout the years.

As it happens, Lulu has invested a great deal of time contemplating this matter. She has delved into the study of meditation for over four decades and has read numerous works on various religious and philosophical beliefs. Furthermore, she sought guidance from a "great master" to aid her in her quest for enlightenment.

Many youths believe that being a celebrity will bring them everything they desire. However, becoming famous is extremely challenging and not the ultimate solution.

Being famous only shows what appears on the surface. It looks as though they have wealth and access to everything they desire. However, that is not the true essence of fame.

Having a rich inner life is crucial, and it's vital to nurture it by taking occasional breaks.

Did her celebrity status bring her success?

She pauses to reflect before responding: "I excel at bouncing back from challenging times, such as a difficult relationship."

Source of the picture, Getty Images.

Lulu tied the knot with Bee Gee Maurice Gibb in 1969. However, their romantic getaway after the wedding got postponed because Lulu was busy showcasing her singing skills at Eurovision.

Lulu got married for the first time when she was 20 years old, with Maurice Gibb, a 19-year-old member of the Bee Gees. The wedding ceremony was so popular that the police had to control the masses. However, they separated four years later. Sadly, Lulu would face other letdowns.

I used to desire to have a big family, but when the opportunity arose, I changed my mind. This decision caused me great sadness.

In her subsequent union with hairdresser John Frieda, she gave birth to a son named Jordan. Interestingly, he portrayed the role of Prince William in a television movie.

It is apparent that Lulu has gained knowledge on how to stay alive.

You make it happen. I have taught myself to focus on the things I have instead of the things I lack.

Every morning, I lower myself to the ground and express my gratitude to God for the privilege of being alive and for all the blessings in my life.

Lulu is determined to make it clear that she plans to keep on singing and recording, with this being her last tour only.

She's eager to pursue more opportunities in acting after her recent role in the Arthur's Whisky movie alongside Diane Keaton and her collaboration with Brian Cox from Succession in the final episode of the Radio 4 comedy Bob Servant.

Despite the many goals she has already accomplished, there is still one significant objective she strives to attain.

One of my wishes is to perform a duet with Rod Stewart. I have never had the opportunity to sing alongside him before, but I am hoping to make it a reality in the future.

The picture can be found at Getty Images.

"Do you find me attractive, Lulu?" David Furnish, Penny Lancaster, Lulu, and Rod Stewart were present at the GQ Men Of The Year Awards in 2006.

She expresses her surprise by stating, "It seems unusual that it has never occurred." With a hint of disbelief, she adds, "Thus, I have resolved to approach Rod eventually."

"Even if I call him, he might not pick up," she chuckles.

And as we are all aware, if it's a day of Lulu's performance, Rod won't call you before noon.

"Digging Deeper: The Latest Updates"

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