GMB viewers irked as Richard Madeley interrupts Kate Garraway during Derek chat

Kate Garraway

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Richard Madeley, the presenter of Good Morning Britain, has confessed to cutting off Kate Garraway while she was speaking about the loss of her husband, Derek Draper.

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On Monday (5th February), Garraway, one of the hosts who appears on the ITV show on a rotating basis, was featured in her first televised interview since Draper's funeral on Friday (2nd Feb). She joined the show via a video link.

Garraway revealed on January 5th that her beloved spouse had passed away after a tragic fight against long Covid. She had been a caretaker for Draper for the last four years and expressed appreciation towards her followers for their unchanging backing while also updating them about her family's post-loss life.

During her appearance on GMB, Garraway talked about her sorrow and shared with the hosts, Madeley and Susanna Reid, that she was thinking of those who are currently experiencing the most challenging times. She empathized with them and understood their pain.

But then Madeley interrupted by saying, "Kate, I wanted to..." and Garraway apologized for interrupting. Madeley realized that he was the one who interrupted Garraway and smiled, saying, "No, I interrupted you - during a live broadcast."

When Madeley interrupted Garraway, some people thought he meant well. Later, he praised her for being strong during the last four years. However, this action annoyed many viewers who took to social media to share their disappointment. Madeley often gets negative feedback for cutting off his guests while they're trying to give answers.

There was a comment from a viewer regarding Richard Madeley's lack of empathy and interruption of a guest discussing a highly emotional topic. The viewer found it particularly difficult to watch and described it as "unbearable".

"Richard is interrupting yet again. Please let Kate speak," another observer commented.

Looking back on the last moments she shared with her spouse, Garraway expressed in emotional conversation: "Each of our kids had their own moment with Derek as well as moments when we were all together. Darcey reassured her father that if he couldn't hold on any longer, they would be alright. She told him it was okay to let go and not worry about them."

Kate Garraway talked about Derek Draper on today's episode of 'GMB'.

In her blog post, Garraway stated that her offspring demonstrated exceptional courage on the occasion of Draper's demise.

In another part of the interview, Garraway revealed what her daughter Darcey, who is 17 years old, told her father before he passed away.

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Garraway spoke about what Darcey had said, reassuringly declaring that they would be fine and urging her not to fret about their mother. Garraway emphasized that there was no need for her to take care of everyone as they would thrive and keep her memory alive.

The television host shared that her child was determined to bear her dad's casket during the memorial service.

Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid recently appeared on the morning show 'Good Morning Britain'.

While we were discussing [the funeral], Darcey entered the room and requested, "May I carry the coffin?" I was surprised and impressed by her willingness to do so, as it is a physically demanding task. Those who have completed it before can attest to its weight. Nevertheless, Darcey insisted on taking on the challenge, which I found to be a lovely gesture.

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